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Why does your business need a podcast?

Do you own or run a business?

The odds are you’re spending a lot of time creating content for that business and then paying astronomical amounts of money on getting people to engage with it.

The problem is, without extensive A/B testing on Facebook, and setting up loads of ad sets on Google Ads, it’s hard to tell whether your prospects are actually enjoying what you’re putting out there, or not.

I have a question for you.

Do you want to strengthen trust and credibility with both current and future customers?

Ok. Then your business definitely needs a podcast.

This show explores the world of using a branded podcast for business and lead-generation, and examines the common myths and questions that would-be podcasters always have.

It’s 2022, not 2002. So my advice is this….

Don’t even consider starting up a business without factoring in plans to include a branded podcast as part of your marketing strategy.

A branded podcast is a brilliant way of transforming your brand from a faceless company that people give money to ‘in good faith’.

With a podcast, you’ll quickly grow into the status of an online influencer, that your customers get to know, like and trust, rapidly.

Your Business Needs A Podcast aims to give you some nice tips on how to get started with doing that!

After listening to this show, you’ll be sure of one thing; that without a doubt, your business needs a podcast!

A branded podcast and integrating podcast marketing into your strategy is the most effective way for you and your business to spread your marketing messages as far as possible, using organic campaigns.

2021 is going to see an explosion in big brands and small business owners getting their podcasting on.

Make sure you’re not caught up in the rubble!

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