When your calling is to help 200 people at once

When your calling is to help 200 people at once cover

It can be tough enough to find your purpose and life.

Imagine knowing your purpose is to help two hundred people, all at once.

And the only way you can do that, is to sort out the CEO in the first place.

Well, without wishing to oversimplify things, this is pretty much the story of Dr Grant Tate.

Who is Dr Grant Tate?

Trusted advisor and business expert, Dr. Grant Tate has written a book to help people find freedom in their careers: “Hand on the Shoulder: Finding Freedom in the Confluence of Love and Career
It’s the story of his life experiences as an entrepreneur with over two decades worth or operational experience at top levels across organisations from small businesses all way up through multinational corporations and even politicians.
The stories all combine seamlessly into this memoir which provides insights not only about what it means be successful, but also, how do you get there?

What’s your calling?

That’s a core theme of this episode, as Sope delves deeply into the mind of this inspirational leader.

And it turns out, the book is quite central to that question.

“About a year ago, publisher called and said, hey, I’ve seen some of your writing out there. Have you ever thought of writing a book? And I said, well, sure, everybody has. Then that person and I had three different meetings… and I finally decided I didn’t want to write the 50,001st business business book because that’s how many are published every year. But let’s examine my experiences. And then that got reinforced because I asked a lot of my friends and contacts, if I’m writing a book, what would you like to see? And they said, how did you get to where you are?”

Surrounding yourself with the right people – an important part of leadership

It’s not just strictly business in this conversation.

As usual, Sope uses his expert leadership skills to guide Dr Grant Tate through his vulnerability and share some of his less favourable personal experiences, and the lessons gleaned from them. 

The topic of friends and relationships carries an impactful insight punch.

All in all, this is one of our most important episodes for anybody wanting to get a grasp on the role leadership can play when it comes to family and relationships.

And to get your head around the importance of knowing your calling…

Key leadership learning moments

01m31s – Stepping out of your comfort zone and the questions Dr Grant Tate asked that led to the book
04m50s – Key lessons from being the little kid in class
07m20s – Family responsibilities
12m50s – Criticism over  choices and the recession
20m45s – Avoiding meeting fatigue and using the time
24m29s – The willingness to unlearn and relearn
33m56s – Understanding influence isn’t always hierarchical
39m10s – What is Dr Grant Tate called to do? And the explanation of leverage.
41m48s – The impact of career on personal relationships
45m28s – Identifying the person who can do what you need
48m19s – How does Dr Grant Tate define leadership?

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Dr Grant Tate’s book
Dr Grant Tate’s LinkedIn

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