What to talk about in your podcast

Feeling stuck on what to talk about in your podcast episodes?

You’re in good company. Lots of podcasters hit that wall.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back with this straight-to-the-point guide on crafting a podcast that keeps your listeners coming back for more.

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Understanding Your Audience

Before you brainstorm your next podcast hit, know who’s listening.

Who’s listening in?

Is your audience made up of tech geeks, fitness fanatics, or maybe busy parents?

Knowing who they are helps you tailor content that strikes a chord with them.

Don’t know what they’re struggling with? How can you hope to keep them engaged then?

What do they want from you?

Now that you know who they are, dig into what they’re after.

Are they looking for solutions to specific problems, or maybe they want to stay in-the-know with the latest trends?

This approach helps you create content that not only attracts but sticks.

Take my podcast, as an example. I know that most people listening to it will be wanting to learn more about how they can get better results from podcasting.

Along with that, the common challenges are;

Growing an audience

Every podcaster on the planet wants more downloads. So I covered that, here.

Monetising a podcast

We’re not made of money you know! And some of us need to see more of a return, and more quickly, than others! 

So I covered that, here.

Fast-tracking production

We could all do with getting more time back, right?

So that’s why I covered that, here.


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Creating captivating content

Keep your ear to the ground with what’s hot in your niche.

Ride the trending waves

This not only sets you up as a go-to expert but also pulls in listeners who are already buzzing about these topics.

Just make sure it’s a fit for your audience.

Evergreen Content: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

While trends are great, evergreen topics ensure your podcast stays relevant all year round.

Think about the basics that always matter to your audience, and you’ve got content that continually draws new listeners.

Interviews: Insights from the Experts

Chats with thought-leaders or seasoned pros can spice up your podcast, offering fresh perspectives and valuable insights.

This not only enriches your content but also amps up your credibility.

But, don’t fall into the trap of relying on them.

If the podcast doesn’t work without a guest element, maybe you need to rethink the value you’re bringing to your audience!

Storytelling: A Personal Touch

Everyone loves a good story.

And with things going the way they are with Google, this is quickly becoming an essential ingredient.

Whether it’s a transformational win, a challenge, or just a bloody funny anecdote, weaving stories into your episodes connects with your audience on a deeper level.


Be Yourself: Authenticity Wins

People can sniff out a fake from miles away.

Leave the losers to LinkedIn.

Keep it real and let your genuine interest in the topics shine through.

This authenticity builds trust and keeps listeners coming back.


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