The Podmaster

If you’re a DIY podcaster who’s wanting to maximise the results of your podcast, this is the event for you.

We’ll be doing this during the week of 18th April, with two event times for you to choose from – 12pm and 2pm.

You will be sent an attendance link and asked for your choice of time within 48 hours upon booking.

If you can’t attend during this week, ask me about my one to one options.

You can take advantage of my two decades of podcasting experience, and get access to as much of the learning as you need.

Each module is priced separately with an opportunity to book on to as many as you like, or all five for a discounted price!



If you haven’t launched your podcast yet, you need this module. This is vital for you to ensure you have the best possible launch, avoiding common challenges, and maximising your growth early on.


The best podcasts aren’t the results of simply plugging in a microphone and recording. 

There’s way more to it than that. If you’re not getting the listening numbers you were hoping for, you’ll definitely want to get on this session.


Once you’ve edited your podcast, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that’s it. 

In this session, I’ll be guiding you through the best practices for publishing your content via your RSS feed, and beyond.

If your idea of publishing is signing up for a media hosting account, you’ll definitely want to be on this one.


Is your idea of marketing your podcast the procedure of posting your episode and then sharing the link via your social media channels? 

If so, you cannot afford to miss this one.

Your podcast’s future depends on it.


This is what it’s all about. The results of my twenty years of working in the podcasting space and having the right conversations with the right people.

Benefit from learning all about #thepodknowsdifference for yourself in this module.

Priced according to the sheer value of the information contained.


Honestly, I’m not going to lie, this is probably the  one you’ll want in order to have the best possible chance of success. 

Particularly if you haven’t started your podcast yet, and you want to ensure you’ve got everything nailed down when you do.

If you purchase the full masterclass, you’ll be offered a complimentary follow up one-to-one to check on your progress and offer some accountability.

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