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The importance of saying “yes” to yourself first! - Everyday Leadership podcast cover

“Like, self love, self leadership, self observation, self value, self empowerment and it might sound like a lot of self, it kind of is, but it’s really… I promise you, that is really not the ego. Well, the ego is involved in some ways. But I don’t mean it in the sense of, like, be full of yourself. Although I do kind of mean it in the sense of being full of yourself, maybe capital S, self or soul or something that’s synonymous with God or universe. But be full of that. Be full of that and lead yourself from that place..” – Akasha Saunders

Saying yes to yourself first is super important

According to Sope Agbelusi on his latest episode of “Everyday Leadership”, you have to say yes to yourself first before they can say yes to you.

And he suggests a lot of times that's what we don't tend to do.

We have all those thoughts and challenges in front of us, and sometimes with no money in the bank.

And we could easily psyched ourselves out with taking it as a sign that we’re on the wrong path.

But for his guest Akasha, things went differently.

This week’s episode uncovers his fascinating story of traversing from being a banker without purpose to a full time leadership and business coach.

Who is Akasha Saunders?

In his own words, Akasha is a pilgrim, educator and coach who has over 10 years of professional experience.

He brings a constructive developmental approach to fostering diversity in organizations as he works with them on increasing awareness for inclusion among all people of all genders.

And especially among those from underprivileged backgrounds or whose voices haven’t been heard before.

Akasha shares his views on applying love and values in the leadership journey

From listening to this conversation, you’ll understand how important Akasha’s immediate family has always been to him.

From his childhood years growing up with his granny, and all the wisdom he learned from her and how she taught him all about manifestation and prayer.

And then through his ‘false start’ accepting a career of working in  a bank which didn’t sit right with his values.

Interestingly, this was one of the main catalysts for his launch into leadership training.

Right up until meeting one of his most impactful ever teachers – his own teenager.

This is a conversation that educates and inspires.

Oh, and an explanation all around Sawubona! – I see you!

Akasha says it’s not ‘one way or the highway’

What’s apparent in this conversation is Akasha’s approach to cultivating leadership and talent, while respecting existing cultures.

He demonstrates awareness of the differing approaches to challenges and how there is not one mould that must set the template for things.

Key leadership learning moments

02m28s – Young Akasha

06m04s – Culture and differences

16m24s – Saying ‘yes’ to yourself first

26m03s – Akasha’s thoughts on approach to work and theory

30m36s – Steve Jobs and the five year old Akasha

34m26s – How parenting helped Akasha grow

49m08s – Future Akasha and what matters to him

Useful links and shout outs in the episode

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Akasha’s LinkedIn

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