The five essential IT systems your business needs to get right!

The five essential IT systems your business needs to get right! cover

Mark from m3 Networks explains the absolute basics of having essential IT systems in place, in this episode. Because you don’t know what you don’t know!

Ever wondered what kind of questions a competent and knowledgeable IT support company will ask you about your IT systems during a discovery call?

In last week’s episode we talked you through the question you need to ask to test the level of competency your chosen IT support provider has. (Here's a link to listen if you haven't yet.) This week we're walking you through the actual process of investigating the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT systems that we take you through during a ‘discovery call’.

We'll share with you the very questions and topics we discuss that are designed to get you thinking about your current IT systems.

We're hoping that when you've heard them, you'll either:

  • Realise your chosen IT support provider is on top of its game and you can breathe a massive sigh of relief.
  • Realise your chosen IT support provider is a mess, and that you need to replace them before things get too serious.

Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"Where is the business storing its data? Now, this is quite often a question that people struggle with because they will say things like, "Yeah, we've got SharePoint and Office 365", or "we've got Dropbox", or "we've got a little network attached storage device". But the reality is, is that for most businesses, their data is really spread all over the place in many different areas.

And the worrying thing for business owners is that they don't actually know where all their data lives. And this is something that's really important because if you don't know where your data is, it becomes very difficult to back that up."

Tech Topics covered in this episode:


Email systems

Phone systems



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