Podknows Podcasting is proud to share the news that our friends at m3 Networks based in Perthshire have been given some huge recognition for their brilliant “Techcess” technology podcast.

Podknows has been producing and managing this podcast for them for nine months, and during that time we’ve seen the podcast grow quite significantly.

Not only has the podcast been a regular fixture of the Tech news chart on Apple Podcasts, but now it’s being recognised in a list of Tech podcasts you need to listen to!

Check out the Techcess technology podcast for yourself

The “Techcesss” technology podcast has covered a range of topics of interest to tech enthusiasts already.

Previous episodes have included deep-dives on;

How to avoid having your emails hacked by groups using phishing techniques.

What VoIP is and your best options for getting it.

Price increases to the popular Microsoft 365

And an expose on the Russian hacking group Conti, and how you can avoid becoming their victim.

And in every episode, host Mark Riddell offers listeners the chance to book a call with him to get some free advice.