Podknows Podcasting Network welcomes "Techcess" - a new technology (IT) and Cybersecurity podcast from m3 Networks which combines tech and business success chat!

Photo of Mark Riddell host of "Techcess"

"Have you tried switching it off and on again?"

The “Techcess” technology, business and success podcast is here to shake your beliefs of what an IT services provider can be! 

That classic line above which is often parodied in TV shows like “The IT Crowd“, and other pop culture, typifies the false perception that most people have about what IT (information and technology) support teams actually do.

Mark Riddell (Managing Director of m3 Networks) is only too familiar with that perspective.

That’s exactly why he’s decided to team m3 up with Podknows Podcasting to bring you this informative new technology podcast that’s all about unplugging the myths surrounding IT and tech support.

And, the first two episodes don’t mess around!

With titles like “Six things businesses need to get right with their technology” and “how to choose the right IT provider” Mark isn’t holding back with the value.

Staff at m3 Networks
The m3 Networks team (host Mark Riddell pictured on the right)

Plugging businesses into the common sense

This show will help businesses of all size understand and appreciate the importance of the relationship between their success and the technology they’re using.

Just a couple of the examples of insight given in the first two episodes alone.

You probably shouldn’t be using Dropbox for storage.

You should be investing more in your email provisions.

The reasons for both of those are fully explained.


The "Techcess" technology podcast is available wherever you get your audio

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About "Techcess"

“Techcess” is a technology and business success themed podcast from m3 Networks.

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