Want a successful podcast launch? Here are the three unbreakable rules to follow to maximise your chances.

Want a successful podcast launch? Here are the three unbreakable rules to follow to maximise your chances. cover

Are you considering podcasting as a means of reaching your target audience? Then you’ll be wanting a successful podcast launch to maximise your traction from the start!

But, whether you’re a start-up or an established powerhouse brand, there are three unbreakable rules you’ll need to follow.

So what are these rules?

A successful podcast launch isn't a secret formula. But there are rules!
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1 – Find your niche and drive your podcast marketing towards it for a successful podcast launch!

Honestly, there are podcasts for every topic imaginable, so find one that you're passionate about!

Got some ideas?

No matter who you are or what you love, chances are that there's a podcast out there for your ideal listener, already.

So to create the podcast of your dreams and launch it into the podcasting stratosphere, you'll need to dig a bit deeper.

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Hey, nobody said this was easy!

Doing some deeper diving into your plan will ensure that those who share your interests will find you.

And with a successful podcast launch comes plenty of opportunities to collaborate with other podcast creators in your niche.

Then, you can make more suitable meaningful connections, and can even springboard off their own hard work!

So start brainstorming and soon, you'll be ready to create and share your very own highly targeted podcast.

If you need some inspiration, this article talks about Kate Erickson, one of the people behind the scenes of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.

In it, she shares some wisdom.

2 – Consistency is not only key for a successful podcast launch, it’s vital!

Release new episodes on a regular schedule so that your listeners know when to expect them.

This is not optional.

If you want any kind of audience growth from your podcast (and let’s face it – most do!) you absolutely need to be creating content regularly.

Nothing helps build on a successful podcast launch and ensure continued success more than releasing new episodes on the same schedule that your listeners get used to.

And very regularly, if that audience growth is one of your goals.

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With a set timeline for new content, podcast followers will get to know when to look forward to the next episode and come back for it.

Listeners enjoy routines and it also helps you as the creator to ensure your successful podcast launch doesn’t immediately run into a wall of growth and stay static.

After all, you'll be able to eliminate nasty diary surprises.

You can add ‘Podcasting Wednesdays’ to your weekly calendar and it'll have less impact on Coffee Tuesdays!

3 – Can’t stress this enough – be engaging!

Keep your episodes interesting and interactive so that people will want to keep listening

This is the one part everybody gets wrong at the start; episode structure.

It can be difficult to know what techniques to use in order to keep your podcast episodes engaging and draw listeners in.

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When you're podcasting, think about ways to make your show interesting from the very first moment they hear it.

A written plan for your episode will definitely help you easily identify any weak spots in your content, but you can definitely help yourself, and your podcast’s growth by avoiding some serious content cock ups.

Here are some reasons that are guaranteed to make listeners turn off before they've even given you a chance.

  • A sponsor message or commercial at the very start – (sorry Anchor, and Acast, but you know this is true, shareholders you need to please, or not!)
  • A long musical intro with nothing else happening, regardless of how funky it might be, and how much you paid that guy on Fiverr for it.
  • Not establishing within the first few seconds EXACTLY what your ideal listener is going to get from the episode.

Add elements of surprise and excitement, ask probing questions to create deeper conversations, and answer listener questions whenever possible.

Aim for fresh storytelling, based on your own unique research, that ties together the creative strands of your podcast idea.

This will provide a great bridge between the start of your podcast launch and the steady fanbase you hope to accrue over time.

If you are wanting more advice on how you can maximise your brand’s chances of a successful podcast launch, you can always have a chat with me.

Conversation costs nothing.

I’ve been doing this podcasting thing a long time, and I can pretty much guarantee I can get you thinking about an aspect of your podcast launch that you hadn’t even yet considered!

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