The Sony hack should be a wake up call to all business owners – you’re an easy target for phishing (and ‘whaling’)

The Sony hack should be a wake up call to all business owners - you’re an easy target for phishing (and ‘whaling’) cover

Do you run a business? Well, we'd best run you through this guide to phishing then, so that you can avoid becoming ‘the next Sony hack’ story!

Mark from m3 Networks explains everything you need to be aware of with this whole ‘phishing’ nonsense!

Didn’t this podcast already talk about phishing?

Oh yes. But there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ discussion of an important topic. And when we’ve got high profile cyberattack events like the Sony hack still fresh in our minds, we’ve got to keep the topic being discussed.

In a recent episode, Techcess talked you through the various types of phishing attacks you need to be aware of.

Here's a link to listen to it if you haven't yet… (via Apple Podcasts using the player below!)

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In this episode, you're going one step further down the dark path and getting a complete walk through guide on phishing.

And this is particularly of interest to business owners and executive level peeps like CFOs, CTOs, CEOs (obvs) and the Chairwoman!

Any one of these people, as intelligent as they may be, could become responsible for a similar tragic event like the Sony hack at any time!

At the end of the day, this episode isn’t intended for you to become an IT expert.

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It’s intended to educate you to be vigilant over your use of computers when in the office.

**Download the free PDF guide Mark mentions using THIS link! https://m3networks.co.uk/free-guides/the-business-owners-complete-guide-to-phishing

(You don't have to give any details and the download isn't hidden behind any email subscribe button!)**

Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"Sony Pictures became the victim of the Sony hack phishing attack that wasn't about money.

These attackers were believed to have a connection to North Korea, and they targeted Sony because of a movie it refused to withdraw that mocked Kim Jong Un who is obviously the north Korean dictator.

The cybercriminals used fake emails to steal huge amounts of information from Sony's network.

That included email conversations about staff members, scripts and employees personal information.

They even gained access to Sony's offices by tricking their way in.

Then they impersonated IT staff and installed malware on Sony's system!

You just can't really write this stuff. It's incredible reading. The attack ended up costing Sony around $35 million in IT repair.

So otherwise they had to fix their systems. And obviously no money was paid to the attackers in that point, but it actually just cost them a fortune to actually undo the damage that was caused."

**Once again, if you want to download the free "The business owners complete guide to phishing" download, you can do that here:


Tech Topics covered in this episode:

  • Phishing
  • Whaling
  • Middle-man phishing
  • Clone phishing

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