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What mistakes do most new branded podcasts make when they launch?

Our comprehensive live webinar takes potential small business podcasters through all the steps involved in ensuring you’re running a successful podcast, so you can maximise your chances of growing audience and see a return on your investment more quickly and easily!

Podknows can help you lift your brand to the next level

Podknows is built on more than twenty years of experience in the podcasting space.

We use podmastery and next-level skills to help brands and individuals develop and execute bespoke podcast marketing plans. 

We also offer full turn key management solutions to improve their online performance and reach their long-term business goals.

Simply put, there’s nobody better at this.

Here are a few recent wins:

  • Brand new podcast (only a few months old) – already enjoying 150 followers IN APP on Apple Podcasts and Spotify)
  • Two podcasts enjoying long term repeat business thanks to their episodes
  • A podcast that’s worked with Podknows as a consultant client recently featured on Apple Podcasts in a top tier category carousel thanks to improvements made
  • Another podcast host being invited to events and conferences as a speaker thanks to thought-leadership status built by podcast! And this in turn will lead to more enquiries and more business!

Increase Sales & Leads

We’ll help you with proven podcast CTA strategies which will boost your conversions and generate more sales.

Get A Competitive Advantage

The content we create is next-level. We ensure people want to listen to your podcast, not your competition's!

Target The Right Customers

Identifying your target audience and engage them on a deeper level to not only convert them into potential customers but ensure an emotional connection leading to better LTV.

Build Brand Awareness

Create a podcast marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and scale towards unimaginable growth!
We offer a complete set of tools and tailored services to help our clients stand out from the crowd and build an effective digital marketing strategy.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast SEO

Podcast Content Writing

Podcast Content Strategy

Podcast Development

Podcast Social Media Managment

Our Clients’ Success Is Our Success

We’ve worked with nearly 200 brands over the years and significantly improved their businesses on a local, national, and international level.

Here are just a few of the more recent ones, not including the many radio brands and household names that founder Neal Veglio worked with prior to setting up Podknows Podcasting!

“I trust Neal because he has an opinion and doesn’t regurgitate the usual rubbish that I can Google.”
He is passionate, has the experience to back up his recommendations and most of all is always willing to help answer my questions.
Michelle J Raymond, CEO of GoodTrading Co.
“Neal has been absolutely phenomenal at helping me better understand how to get more from our podcast."

While we've only just started working together, I truly value all of the input Neal has given. 
Adam Pearce, Manager at Blend Commerce
“You need to talk to Neal if you want to start a podcast. There's nobody better or more knowledgeable!”

Working with Neal always seemed like a no-brainer even before I started working with him!"
Mark Riddell, MD at m3 Networks

Let’s Make Your Business Stand out from the noise.

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