Podknows Podcasting Network

The following branded podcasts are part of the Podknows Podcasting Network – enjoying additional benefits such as advanced level editing, higher production value and further marketing assistance and consultancy.

All of these podcasts have regularly featured in the podcast charts, and are enjoying audience figures that place them in the top 50 percent of ALL podcasts.

Podknows - leading by example

Podknows isn't one of those 'do what we say, even though we don't do it ourselves' Podcasting companies.
Founder Neal Veglio is also a podcaster, and enjoys tremendous results with "In Your Mirror".
You can listen to the most recent episode from season one, below.
Season two is coming later in 2021!

Neal is also working on an official podcast industry podcast, which aims to address questions and challenges many podcasters face along their journey. More details to follow.

Non-network Podcasts

Independent customers using individual Podknows services.
Many of the podcasts that we work with enjoy greater success than any rival podcast in their space.
Podknows has knowledge and expertise that allows us to help your brand and your podcast to stand out in the very crowded space.

Join the Podknows branded podcast network, now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want your customers to trust you enough to buy from you? Well, then you need a podcast. There’s a science to why podcasting helps with this. I’d be happy to explain it during a free call!

Most branded podcasts will require a microphone, minimum. While you can get away with recording a branded podcast on your phone, it’s not advisable as quality is an important factor for listener conversion.  You’ll also need a way to record your voice/voices, and then a way of getting the audio out to the world.  Podknows Podcasting can definitely help you with all of these aspects. 

How much you pay will depend on the type of service you want to opt for. I can’t provide a simple answer to this, because I’d need to know more about your specific circumstances and goals, but here are a couple of ball-park ideas for you.

If you wanted to publish it yourself, and handle your own marketing on social media etc, then you can do it as cheaply as £400 per month using my services. 

If you want a little more bang for your buck, and to take a step closer to having a successful podcast which delivers a great return on your investment, you might want to consider investing £500 per month. Spending that £500 will not only deliver better results, but will also save you more of your time, not to mention any embarrassment. Listeners are definitely able to tell if you’re not using Podknows Podcasting for your professional branded podcasts! 

You’ll get as much out of your podcast as you put in, but if you go it alone, you can expect to need to put aside around three to six hours per episode, minimum. If you work with me, I can probably help you get that down to less than one.

Absolutely. I wouldn’t be helping people to do it if I didn’t think I could offer them a return on their investment.

All of my Podknows Network services come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If within thirty days of working with me you don’t feel I’ve done everything I can to help you make your podcast a success, I’ll offer you your money back.