You can now upgrade to Windows 11 - the new version of Microsoft's operating system. Should you?

Mark Riddell from m3 Networks talks us through the process of deciding whether we should upgrade now, or wait a while.

The arrival of Windows 11 is not exactly breaking news. It’s been with us a while now.

And it sounds like millions have already taken the plunge and downloaded it. 

However, the software is controversial, and many critics claim it’s been ‘rushed out’ to market before it’s fully ready. 

This claim is on top of the fact that initially Microsoft themselves said there wouldn’t be a new Windows.

So should you upgrade to Windows 11, or should you wait?

That’s exactly the answer that episode 36 of Techcess will address for you!

Introducing Windows 11

What Techcess episode 36 will tell you about upgrading to Windows 11

Things move very quickly in tech. 

And operating systems are one of the quickest moving of all.

It’s always a juggle.

Fail to keep up, and you lose out on all the innovations that the developers have made to your everyday tasks.

Upgrade too early, and you’re running the risk of setting yourself back for days while you solve some of the teething problems associated with under developed software.

So this episode of Techcess aims to arm you with everything you need to know to make a decision on hitting that button and fully committing to upgrading to Windows 11.

Listen to this episode all about whether to upgrade to Windows 11, via your favourite app!

This episode is a really important one to listen to if you’ve been thinking of committing to upgrading your office or home working computer to Windows 11.

You might also get some major brownie points if you share it with someone you know who’s also currently experiencing the dilemma of asking themselves whether they should stick with 10, or push the button for 11.

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