‘Shiny object syndrome’ and how to deal with it as an ADHD entrepreneur

‘Shiny object syndrome’ and how to deal with it as an ADHD entrepreneur cover

Suffering from shiny object syndrome? Want to know how to defeat it once and for all?

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An episode of this ADHD business strategy podcast that’s all about ‘shiny object syndrome’!

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In this episode of the ‘weeniecast’ – "Business Strategy: (For Weenie ADHD-preneurs)", Katie McManus talks us through the challenges of coping with ‘shiny object syndrome’.

Check out the trailer for this episode of the podcast that’s all about ‘shiny object syndrome’!

Katie McManus talks us through the very real problem of ‘shiny object syndrome’ that ADHD-preneurs have to deal with!

S.O.S is defined as "a continual state of distraction brought on by an ongoing belief that there is something new worth pursuing".

For entrepreneurs with ADHD, shiny object syndrome can be a real issue because we are constantly bombarded with distraction as it is.

She reveals that there are actually solutions for dealing with distractions in your business that are brought on by the shiny objects.

And she shares her personal experiences of it as well, including not having it take over when marketing, or knowing what offerings to put in front of customers…

Some people find it difficult to tell the difference between a new opportunity and the shiny objects.

This is characterized by having too many goals or aspirations for your business rather than focusing on what's important at this moment in time – YOUR customers!

And your methods and systems for serving those customers.

But don't worry because there are steps that will help bring balance back into our lives so we don’t get lost along the way chasing after everything else around us.

It’s easy to do that, and then forget why they we’re here in the first place; to serve those who need what we have to offer!

Make sure you check out the episode to learn how you can use checks and balances to overcome the challenges associated with having shiny object syndrome in your business!

A poignant moment from the episode’s transcript..

“So you could be super excited about this one group offering that you have or a one on one offering or a digital course, and you could be on social media and talking about it constantly for about four months, and then all of a sudden, one day, you just forget about it!

And you forget to remind people. This is one of my main challenges in my business is I have all this cool stuff. I have all these cool resources, and I talk about them for a little bit, but then I just forget that they exist. And my team, my support team's biggest challenge is to create a schedule where I constantly bring these things up. And it's amazing when I have meetings with them and they're laying out our social media calendar and they're saying, yeah, well, we're going to roll out this PDF again and this downloadable.

And I'm over here just scratching my head, thinking, oh my God, that's so cool.

I made that?”

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