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Have you found the past year to be a difficult one?

Have you, like many others, faced challenges and wondered how on earth you’d get through them?

This podcast “Real Therapy with REAL Therapists” is for people just like you.

This short podcast series podcast aims to cut through all the noise and give you access to the insights and tools you need to manage your challenges and feel supported.

What’s so different about this podcast versus other therapy themed podcasts?

These therapists are being open, and sharing their own struggles, to help give context and understanding of the topics.

They’re also about the here and now, focusing on what you can do, at this moment, while you’re listening. 

You shouldn’t have to wait until your next scheduled therapy session to find peace and light.

Thanks to Real Therapy, you’ll no longer have to.

The podcast is created to be like a proper therapy session that you can easily share with anyone you know who will benefit from the knowledge and valuable insights.

Our expert team of coaches is made up of a range of highly talented and insightful therapists who are all giving up their time on this podcast to help you.

They are:

Kate Ryleymind coach and hypnotherapist  

Anna Boswell – NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness & Life Coach 

Danielle Barnett – Master NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach 

Linda Hamilton Ross – Anxiety and Phobia Expert

Suzana Panasian – NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Ayurveda Therapist and Coach 

During each episode of this progressive and dynamic podcast, they discuss a wide range of mindset and mental health challenges, and help you take action against them.

Subjects include: depression, anxiety, perspective, perception, and other important mindset topics.

This Podknows Podcasting show is hosted by Danielle Barnett with her team of regular guest therapists.

Listen to this podcast at https://realtherapy.libsyn.comto go to your ‘safe space’.

You can relax, put your feet up and immerse yourself in a virtual therapy session while listening to the insights offered by these highly experienced therapists.

While you’re here, why not get started on your journey back to mindfulness, right now? 

Download Danielle’s free guide to coping with anxiety.