Establish Unbeatable Credibility and Trust With Your Customers


Four professionally edited episodes up to a maximum of 30 minutes, with custom intro music included

Network ‘Lite’

Four professionally edited episodes per month with custom intro and incidental music branding, hosting, publication, marketing and coaching

Network Pro

Four professionally recorded plus everything included in Network Lite

Podcast Episode Repair

Advanced Professional Re-edit
Added Production- Custom Branding (FREE with multi-episode purchases)
Advanced Professional Industry Standard Audio Levelling
Includes Some Improvement Coaching

All packages come with zero ‘lock-in’ agreement and include a full thirty day money-back-guarantee.

Establish Unbeatable Credibility and Trust With Your Customers

Podknows Podcasting podcast production costs and offerings explained!

You don’t know what you don’t know, so before you look at the below packages, why not read my article that explains the process involved in creating your audio, first? 

Once you’ve read up on why you need a professional sounding podcast, you’ll hopefully feel more informed and better able to make the correct choice for your podcast editing and production needs!

The Podknows Podcasting network plans offer an 'everything done for you' approach to your podcast marketing.

All you need to do is provide your voice.

(Professional voice artists can be provided as part of the corporate plans - email for info)



1 professionally edited episode
Up to a maximum of 30 minutes
Music added
App optimisation (Apple/Spotify)
RSS Feed Hosting
Basic Marketing
Basic Transcripts
Dynamic real-time production
On-site recording

Network Pro


4 professionally edited episodes
Up to a maximum of 60 minutes
Your own custom music
App optimisation (Apple/Spotify)
RSS Feed Hosting
Professional Transcripts
Dynamic 'real-time- production
On-site recording

All packages come with zero ‘lock-in’ agreement and include a full thirty day money-back-guarantee.

Corporate podcast packages

Podknows' higher-value corporate podcast marketing packages cover ALL of your podcast production costs and feature far more marketing and branding assistance!

If you want even more help with professional podcast marketing, offering an even higher-value return on your investment, there's the option for PPC and social media promotion...

Corporate packages start from just £1500 per month, and include extras such as:

Pay Per Click

Social Media advertising

In-app advertising

Press and PR

A bespoke fully-branded, fully functional podcast website


It's not a slogan. It's a promise.

Podknows Podcasting produced podcasts are of a higher standard than most other podcasts which is why the listed prices may not match the podcast production costs you’ve seen advertised by lesser companies. 

And they come with a full thirty-day, no quibble money back guarantee. 

If after the thirty days you feel I haven’t done everything possible to help you with creating a powerful and professional sounding podcast, I’ll refund you immediately.

“The Podknows difference” is achieved by using professional quality tools and applying skills and experience that have been earned from more than two decades of working in the audio content space. By working with me, you’ll be benefiting from more than one point five million pounds worth of advanced level audio training.

Having worked in the professional radio broadcasting industry, as well as in professional podcasting, Podknows can boast knowledge and expertise that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

But don’t just take Podknows’ own word on it. 

Listen to some of the branded podcasts that are showcased on this site, and hear #thepodknowsdifference for yourself!

That said, it’s not just about the sound quality.

By working with Podknows Podcasting on your professional sounding branded podcast, you’ll benefit from valuable expertise and insider knowledge that has been accrued using a combination of years of research, experience, knowledge-building and connections made within the space.

Podknows Podcasting has exclusive access to discoverability optimisation skills and knowledge that are unknown to the majority of podcast professionals around the globe, and certainly out of grasp of the cheaper freelancers that you’ll find on sites like Fiverr. 

If you’re serious about the quality of your podcast production, and want to be able to trust your branded podcast to a professional podcast expert with higher standards of podcast production value, look no further. 

Contact me

Let’s chat through what you need!

Individual podcast Services

Podknows Podcasting offers a number of individual services for podcasters, presenting a good alternative for those who can’t afford a full monthly package commitment, but still want to produce the best possible content.

These are:

  • Advanced episode editing (removing repetitions and stammers etc)
  • Fixing bad quality audio (including removing plosives, and background noise)

  • Repairs to previously published episodes
  • Audio branding (including adding theme music and incidental music)

  • Launch coaching

  • Podcast launch consulting

  • Equipment dry hire

  • Podcast studio hire

Contact me for a custom quote according to your needs.
Podcast Production Costs

Join the Podknows network and start your podcast today.

Podknows Podcasting podcasts are produced to a much higher standard than other podcasting agencies, with professional music and branding provided as part of the Podknows podcast production process. Podknows Podcasting’s  ‘netwok’ and ‘corporate’ plans also offer an optional app to work in collaboration with your complimentary show website.

If you want, this will allow you the chance to engage your customers and fans within your own ecosystem.

If you opt for a ‘network’ plan, Podknows Podcasting will take care of all your hosting and publication for you, so you can relax knowing that your podcast is always in professional hands.

If you book the ‘Network Pro’ plan, you can enjoy having the industry’s most experienced podcast producer actually on site.

Podknows Podcasting will also provide the equipment so that you don’t have to!

Podknows Podcasting will also produce you and coach you in real-time, bringing an unrivalled energy and next level podcast production value to your recordings.

Results YOU Can Expect From My Money Back Guaranteed Podcast Production Services

If you work with Podknows Podcasting, you’ll be publishing a podcast your brand can be proud of. 

You’ll also quickly become known within your space as a professional expert who’s worth listening to.

Depending on your individual goals for your branded podcast, you can expect:

  • Thought-leader status.
  • Solid connections with ideal clients and strategic partners.
  • Higher-value longer term customer prospects.
  • A marketing tool that reaches your customers where they are, and sells to them on your behalf, while you sleep.

All of my Podknows Podcasting’s podcast episodes boast professional podcast production and are mastered to a superior standard, above that of most major brands.

The reasons why Podknows Podcasting-created episodes are superior to other shows are too vast to go into on this website without drowning you in words, but I’d be happy to explain ‘the Podknows difference’ during an informal chat sometime. 

Book a free one-to-one consultation here.

Needless to say, when you do make the decision to let me help you with your podcast production, and your next-level, superior quality podcast marketing content, you can look forward to enjoying becoming known as a thought-leader within your space, particularly if you use the podcast in the correct way.

If you truly want to stand out from your competition and work with your dream customers, who can’t wait to buy from you, you’ll benefit from talking to me about my ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’ network plans.