Why should we be getting excited about 'Making Conversations Count'?

It takes a lot of talent for conversation to be recognised as the UK’s number one telemarketing podcast.

Thankfully, Wendy Harris of WAG Associates has oodles of it.

She’s had a lot of conversations over the years, during her career as a telemarketing trainer.

She’s recently worked out that the number of telephone calls she’s made is in the millions.

Therefore it stands to reason that when it comes down to the skill she has for starting conversations and steering them towards a valuable place, she’s the best.

Now, with more than sixty episodes of her podcast already published, Wendy has been recognised as the world’s number one telemarketing podcast!

And by none of than the biggest podcasting app, Apple Podcasts.

Screengrab of Making Conversations Count number one telemarketing podcast on Apple Podcasts

What is this telemarketing podcast all about then?

During the height of the global pandemic and lockdown, Wendy had the idea for starting a podcast related to her telemarketing trainer brand. 

But she knew she didn’t want it to sound like all the other telemarketing themed podcasts which seem to offer advice on how to do telemarketing.

Wendy knew that the best way of convincing people of the power of starting a conversation for the purposes of selling, was to demonstrate it in action.

And there, the concept was born. 

Making Conversations Count

Sharing honest, real-life stories with business leaders.

With a basic vision for what she wanted to achieve, and secured the help of leading branded podcast agency (Podknows Podcasting) to help turn her vision into sound!

Some of the topics covered have included marketing, networking, sales, training, mindset, investment, content creation, video, publishing and even an episode about winning in business. If you haven’t already, check that one out as soon as you can.

It’ll be the best use of forty minutes you’ve ever invested in. 

Guests have included Dr Ivan Misner (considered to be the father of modern business networking through his work with BNi), Linkedin marketing legend Dan Knowlton and many others.

So what makes the endorsement of this telemarketing podcast so special then?

Apple Podcasts is the world’s most popular podcast listening platform with more than half of all podcast listeners using it for hearing their favourite podcasts.

The fact that it’s now the number one result for searches of ‘telemarketing’ on the Apple Podcasts app is huge.

It demonstrates that Apple Podcasts recognises the value and quality of the content so much that it wants listeners with an interest in telemarketing to find it first.

Wendy’s entire business model is geared around helping people get the best possible results for their business, and the podcast stays very true to that.

Free business advice

I get it.

You’re thinking, “this is all cool about this podcast’s success and all, but what’s in it for me?”

Well, we’re proud of the fact that each new voice, every week, bring some superb business related advice, for free!

Whether you want to learn how to get better at marketing, or learn how to overcome mindset challenges, listening to these inspirational conversations will help.

Hearing how someone else overcame their challenges can help you discover how to battle your own!

Each guest talks about one of their conversations that counted.

A chat they had, or a thought that came to them, which acted as a turning point in their life or career.

Or both.


Making Conversations Count is also the number two telemarketing podcast in Spotify

As if the Apple Podcasts recognition wasn’t enough to celebrate, “Making Conversations Count” is also the number two telemarketing podcast in Spotify.

So what are you waiting for?

Book yourself some down time of half an hour or so, grab a brew, and get ready to join in the conversation.

Which of our many conversations that count are you going to eavesdrop on first?