check your podcast's growth potential with a professional podknows podcast audit!

You’re too close to your own content. 

So it’s hard to know what you need to do to grow and improve your own podcast.

Thankfully, Podknows offers you the guidance you’re looking for with a quick turnaround and easily actionable ‘Podcast Audit’!

This podcast audit looks at your show’s discoverability, titles and descriptions, as well as that all important sound and production quality. 

You’ll then have a full analysis of your podcast presenting you with a traffic light system based report identifying areas for improvement. 

You’ll be able to use this podcast audit report to take action on improving your podcast.

Podknows will give you an easy-to-read analysis with recommendations on how to improve your show using data from over 50 million podcasts as well as founder Neal Veglio’s own insights gathered over years of experience in podcasting! 


The report will also benchmark your podcast against other popular podcasts in the same category as yours. 


Using this information, we’ll be able to work together on ensuring your show’s in the best possible shape to compete on a level playing field!

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Who can benefit from a Podknows podcast Audit?

Are you part of a small team or an ambitious solopreneur who couldn’t wait to just get started on your podcast? 

Are you already a few episodes deep into your podcast, but realising you have no clue how to move forward?

You definitely need to talk to Neal about a Podknows Podcasting podcast audit!

Results You Can Expect from a podknows podcasting podcast audit

Want your podcast to sound as good as your competition?

You need another set of ears on your podcast to make sure that what you’re doing is sounding as good as it can!


Want more assurance of what your investment will mean for your podcast’s future?

Don’t just take Podknows’ word for it! Have a listen to the words of one very grateful podcaster.

And in case you need any more evidence of the quality of Podknows’ coaching quality – this customer is herself a podcasting coach.

She helps other podcasters to launch their own purposeful podcasts!

So if she is happy with what Podknows Podcasting offers for ambitious podcasters, you know you’re in for some good advice!

Listen to what Podknows customer Amy Rowlinson had to say about Podknows Podcasting’s podcast audit service!


Podcast Audit

For the growth hungry independent podcaster

£120single payment
Real time dynamic critical listening
Idtentifying podcast pain points
Written report using 'traffic light' system
Follow up one-to-one session to discuss
Competitor analysis

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