Podknows Podcasting's next phase are.... ummm.... is... go!!!

Content creators of all shapes, sizes and budgets will be able to compete on a fair playing field! This podcast studio joint venture between Podknows Podcasting and the world famous Anderson Entertainment and with kind co-operation with Slough’s Moxy Hotel means that brands and entrepreneurs who can’t afford to build their own studio will now have access to a studio they can use to record months worth of content at a time!

Podknows Podcasting studio location at Moxy hotel in Slough

Professional podcasting is coming to Slough thanks to this collaboration. The studio’s maiden voyage has already been underway, with the first recordings of the new sound of the Gerry Anderson podcast.

Podknows Podcasting was there to run point on sound and recording, and ensure everything went smoothly.

Podknows’ founder Neal Veglio will also be offering ongoing consultancy to both Anderson Entertainment and Moxy Hotels as part of the agreement.

Podknows Podcasting will begin opening up recording slots for interested companies in the coming weeks, with production getting underway in September.

If you’d be interested in having your content recorded in high quality audio and 4k vision, just drop us a message and we can chat through your options!