Podknows’ podcast marketing services cost more than others. Here’s why!

Podknows’ podcast marketing services cost more than others. Here’s why! cover

I’ll break the podcast marketing services costs down for you.

Them: "Your podcast marketing services cost more than the other options I've looked at."

Me: Yep.

Them: "Why is that?"

Great question. Well let’s use a quite common ‘customer journey’ trope to illustrate exactly why Podknows’ podcast marketing services cost what they do.

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Imagine your future podcast marketing campaign is a new car…

Would you accept, that if you want the kind of ‘car’ (podcast marketing services 😉) which could deliver the specific satisfaction in the areas that are important, you generally have to pay more for it?

Like, if you walked into a car dealership, and wanted a car that offered a fun and comfortable ride, provided you with next level safety, and with environmentally friendly considerations, you’d realise you’re not going to pay Dacia prices for it?

Well, if you’re getting your podcasting marketing services taken care of with me, you’re not doing it with a Dacia dealer!

Welcome to my foyer.

Ignore the shiny Aston Martin for a second.

Would you like a coffee while I explain this stuff to you? (Unfortunately you’ll have to provide the coffee because Elon hasn’t invented the ability for me to beam one to you yet).

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Let's look at what most other podcast marketing services agencies offer:

  • Some edited and produced audio episodes.

What does that require from them:

  • Some DAW software (digital audio workstation – like Adobe Audition or Reaper etc)
  • Their time

Now, assuming they’re not having you record it in their special recording space, they’re probably investing around £500 per year for their DAW software, and around £20 per hour for their time.

If it’s an hour of original audio one would hope it’s taking them four hours (at least) to edit it properly.

So that’s £80 per episode cost to them and whatever slice of the use of their DAW they’ve attributed to your service provision

If they’re also publishing your content for you, then you might be looking at another hour of work while they write your show notes.

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So, £100 for each episode.

The rest is profit. If they’ve actually priced themselves into any profit, of course!

If the service provider is offering you podcasting help for less than that, ask questions.

It means they’re cutting corners somewhere.

And you don’t want them cutting corners!

Now let’s look at what Podknows Podcasting’s podcast marketing services do for podcasters and brands…

  • Establish strategy for the podcast and the content
  • Edit and produce episodes to a higher standard than all others
  • Host the audio on behalf of the podcaster and ensure it’s distributed in all the relevant channels
  • Publish the audio and optimise the show notes on their own website or a custom created one specifically for the podcast
  • Create a written-to-be-read transcript of the episode
  • Set up a bespoke podcast marketing content calendar
  • Publish supporting content that helps with the SEO plans of the wider business
  • Use advanced experience to ensure the content is resonating, and suggest areas of improvement if it’s not
  • Create social media posts around the content to raise awareness of new content to existing social media followers
  • Create marketing posts to raise awareness of new content to brand new audiences
  • Our time (usually at least 12 hours of input per episode until launch touch point with some ongoing promotion)

Now, let’s look at some of the tools and resources being used to achieve the above podcast marketing services…

  • A mix of different content tools that excel in different areas of content creation, including Adobe Audition, Izotope RX 10, Waves Audio plugins (for audio), Adobe Premiere, Descript, Photoshop, Canva (for visuals)
  • A Libsyn pro account for hosting of RSS feeds (allowing for full content administration, Geotargeting, and the addition of specific and changeable marketing content within episodes!)
  • Web based tool Poddin for accurate transcription and PDF creation
  • Storychief for publishing of supporting content, as well as social media management
  • Podcastpage and Podpage for creation of custom podcast websites
  • Podknows bespoke PPC content plans using Facebook, LinkedIn, and several in app advertising solutions.
  • Attribution (for tracking ROI)
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What difference does the above achieve?

Here’s a recent case study using Podknows Podcasting services

We recently launched the “Business Strategy (For Weenie ADHD-preneurs)” podcast. It’s very good and you should listen to it.

In just one month of us running Podknows’ podcast marketing services on this podcast, it’s generated more than 1000 listens, with more than 50 targeted and relevant followers on Apple Podcasts (averaging 12 new followers per week) and 18 targeted and relevant followers on Spotify.

The podcast’s Facebook page already has 200 targeted and engaged followers.

The twitter page has attributable listeners.

Assuming this trajectory continues, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t provided investment continues, then we could reasonably expect to enjoy the following after 12 months:

12,000 targeted and relevant listens to the content.

600 targeted and relevant followers on Apple Podcasts (another podcast that’s come over to my network that’s been going for years is only just surpassing this)

2500 targeted and engaged followers on Facebook.

All of this is being achieved using the top tier Podknows package.

And assuming we go by the conservative 1% conversion rule, this will be around 150 highly qualified clients with extremely high life time value.

Based on an average sale price of $1000 per month, you can start to understand why Podknows Podcasting’s podcast marketing services cost more than some other options.

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