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Want to know how you’re doing in terms of your branded podcast’s set up? 

Do you worry that you’ve messed up the publication process and you’re doomed to struggle for audience?

Send Podknows your podcast’s details and you’ll have a FREE branded podcast assessment report in your inbox within one working day.

We’ll put your podcast through our assessment criteria including audio quality, podcast search optimisation and content value, and offer you a rating out of 10 for all areas.  

Who's this FREE branded podcast assessment suitable for?

Absolutely anybody with a professional (as in for a brand or business) podcast can benefit from this free report.

If you’re not yet ready to invest in full scale coaching or even an affordable Podknows podcast audit, this report will at least let you know of any areas offering an opportunity for growth.

Whether you’re looking for more listeners, and hoping to enter the Apple Podcastschart’, or you want to convert more listeners into customers, this assessment will help. 

Based on expertise spanning two decades of podcast success, we’ll assess your podcast and rate it in three key areas.

You’ll be given three individual scores out of 10 for these areas, as well as a final overall score out of 10.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain here.

So what are you waiting for?

Pop in your podcast’s details and look forward to your free branded podcast assessment within the next working day!

Prefer a deeper-dive with more actionable insight?

If you prefer to get a more comprehensive idea of how your podcast is positioned against your competitors, consider a podcast audit.

This includes a full written downloadable report and a one-to-one call in which you’ll be talked through the growth opportunity areas, and advised on the best way to act according to your circumstances and goals.

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Who can benefit from a FREE Podknows podcast ASSESSMENT?

Are you part of a small team or an individual who isn’t quite sure whether your branded podcast is going to work for you? 

Then this FREE podcast assessment is perfect for you to figure out if you’re on the right track!


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