Escape the ‘echo chamber’

Have you ever tried to draw attention to something? Did it feel like yelling into an empty room? 

The truth is nobody’s as excited about your company news, or exclusive offer, as you are.  That’s why you have to think smart, and adjust your approach if you want to win attention. Let me talk you through what you’re shooting for.

Expecting people to sit, read, and be captivated by the not-all-that-exciting thing you’ve written about, is probably a little ambitious.  Most people have a short enough attention span even when it comes to stuff they’re actually emotionally invested in.   

How can you expect a passive web browser to be excited about your news update? 

Millions of brands fight, daily, for a position in front of our eyeballs.

Many pay thousands per week for the privilege of being in your timeline.

But what if you could spend a fraction, on a new platform?


You wouldn’t just open a physical store location, and expect people to just find you, would you? You’d have to let people know you were there, which is why you book advertising campaigns.

So, why would you start an online business, and expect people to just find it? Especially knowing, as you probably do, how difficult it is to get anywhere near the front page of Google’s search results, without really knowing what you’re doing, or hiring someone who does.

Here’s what podcast marketing can do for your business:

🎧 Get into the consciousness of people who would otherwise never be aware of your existence.

🎧 Create a relationship with some brand new fans.

🎧 Passively sell your services, but in a non-forceful way, helping to avoid the ‘I don’t want to see these ads’ mentality.

🎧 Give your brand that all important ‘authority’ in your given space by becoming a natural ‘thought leader’.

🎧 Create an exceptional and effective sales funnel, with an unparallelled return on your investment (ROI)

Excited? You should be!

It’s a great time to get your podcast started.

Let me help you.

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