The UK Podcast Consumer 2024 Report


42% are monthly podcast listeners and 30% are weekly listeners

Young UK adults are loyal listeners

In fact 41% are weekly listeners

Podcast statistics UK report (and the opportunity for british business) 

Podcasters are obsessed with listening data. But until recently, UK podcast statistics have been a little more ‘cloudy’.

Nobody was really taking measurement of podcast listening all that seriously until the medium went more ‘mainstream’.

The latest data from Edison Research should act as a ‘wake-up’ call to British brands.

Your customers are listening.

Time to give them what they want.

WAnt to get in on the game?

be discovered

With half the UK now engaging with podcasts, this is an opportunity to be found by your future customers

be their guide

Young people are loyal to their favourite shows. Teach them now, and they'll thank you later.

Be engaged

You can meet them where they are, rather than wait for them to come to you!