Podcast Launch Checklist: And why you need it!

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Why a podcast launch checklist?

Well, they say you don’t know what you don’t know. And one of the things you definitely don’t know when you start a podcast is all the things you need to consider to ensure it’s as successful as possible.

I speak to hundreds of podcasters every year and one of their common complaints is they wish there was a podcast launch checklist that they could simply tick off, and get started.

They wish they had this handy resource available to print out and stick on their wall, knowing that when it’s completed, they’ve got the best possible chances of success. 

So I created it!

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Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who says to you “podcasting is a long game” and that the overnight podcast success story is total unicorn, you’re simply going to ignore them and continue hunting for the magic formula.

The truth is while there’s now way of guaranteeing podcast launch success, there are a number of best practices you can follow which will give you the best chances of seeing some results from your efforts.

My hope is that by following them and then ticking them off from this podcast launch checklist, you’ll definitely be able to celebrate your first few weeks as a podcaster, rather than hide the podcast amid launch failure shame.

The benefits of this podcast launch checklist

There are very few ways podcasters are able to hit all the right notes with their podcast launch strategy. Yet there are around a-million-and-one to get it totally wrong.

If you work from this podcast launch checklist, you’re going to be able to avoid at least a few of them!

Much of the advice you’ll find out there preaches the ‘done is better than perfect’ model, which is all well and good if you’re a huge procrastinator and it’s the only way you’ll get started. 

But at the end of the day, if you follow that advice to just plug in, record, and publish, you’re not going to get the results you’re hoping for and will probably quit anyway.

So ignore that podcasting influencer on Instagram who’s trying to get you to pay for his or her “easy way to launch into the charts” podcast course.

They’re selling snake oil.

They’re upselling you a pipe dream which ultimately leaves you with a duff, rushed, badly-launched podcast, and their black-hat marketing they’ve upsold you which has left you with nothing but a bunch of fake bot downloads.

And that’s not helpful to any new podcaster.

So what's included in this podcast launch checklist?

Right from the beginning, I’ll be getting you focused on your strategy. Because without one, you don’t have a podcast.

You’ll have content, but it’s not going to help you create a community of engaged listeners who your content resonates with.

You’ll also be clearer on who you talk to, why, and what you offer them when they’re listening.

You’ll also never again have to Google “what microphone should I buy for my podcast” and then have to wade through lists of terrible suggestions of microphones that have benefited from clever aggressive SEO marketers’ efforts to dominate the top results.

Ok, great. I obviously want this! Where can i get it?

It’s literally a download away. I’ve designed it to be a simple tick-as-you-go one sheet (although it’s technically two!) and you can print it off and get working on it today. I suggest you start from the beginning and work your way down so that you build that momentum and excitement and get the dopamine hits as you go. But if you want to jump straight into the geeky tech stuff, I guess I can’t stop you! Here it is!

Why should I follow your advice and bother with this checklist, Neal?

I’ve been podcasting and coaching podcasters for many years.

I’ve spoken with lots of clients who have shared how my audit advice is something they wished they’d had from the start.

I even had one client who made many of the mistakes I’m trying to help you to avoid, who had me on her own podcast to share my advice with her listeners.

You’ll also find a bunch of my clients saying nice things about me here, and on my LinkedIn!

Next steps

You’re not the first person who’s panicked about launching a podcast and getting it totally wrong and you won’t be the last.

I’m hopeful that by following this guide, you’ll find it easier to cross off some pretty easy things to overthink.

You’ll certainly be able to avoid making a silly purchase or two, and you’ll be more zoned in on speaking to your ideal listener.

But I’m obviously not going to be able to be there to hold your hand through the actual process.

That said, if you download this checklist and you get stuck, I don’t want you to get frustrated and then either abandon the plan or set to do it with a ‘hit and hope’ approach.

Reach out to me using the form below, and let me know what you’re struggling with.

That way, I can help you with getting that part ticked off, and moving on to the next part!

Good luck!

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