Podcast guest tips: how to have a successful podcast interview

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Landed a great guest for your podcast? Looking for podcast guest tips so you can ensure you nail your conversations?

Great news.

You’ve found the perfect article to help you with this!

Ok, let’s get you started on becoming a seasoned pro podcasting interview legend who leaves an impression that stays with your listeners. 

Hosting isn’t just about firing off questions; it’s your show, your rules. 

Your mission? 

To make each interview loaded with insights, laughs, and those ‘aha!’ moments.

Let’s get into these podcast guest tips you need, shall we?

You’re about to become a better podcaster!

The power of podcast interviews

These chats are not your secret sauce for podcasting success but they will leave an impression with your listeners. 

You get to showcase amazing stories, unearth gold bars worth of wisdom, and give your listeners something to chew on. 

Hopefully even challenge their thinking.

Crafting memorable podcast chats

An epic podcast interview isn’t just about having a good yack or lollygaggle with an expert. 

It’s about setting the stage for your guest to share insane tips with your listener while you direct the spotlight. 

Research like a Facebook Karen, listen like your life depends on it, and when the moment’s right, throw in a curveball to spark a nugget.

Pre-interview prep: Your backstage pass

Just like any headlining act, the magic lies in the prep work. 

Get to know your audience, deep dive into your guest’s world, and sort out your tech setup for both parties. I know you feel awkward pushing this, but it’s important you do. Tell them to plug in an external mic, or invest in one if they haven’t already. 

Because nobody wants to hear Darth Vader on the other end.

Scoping out your audience

Before you hit record, get into your audience’s heads. 

Who are they? 

What gets them ticking? 

This intel is gold – it shapes the whole shebang of your chat.

If your audience is full of based-from-home mumpreneurs, they’re not going to be that interested in a conversation about team building in an office at this stage of their journey.

Homework on your guest

You’re the host, so do your homework. 

If it was that easy to do a podcast interview, everyone would be doing it.

Listen to your guest’s past interviews, understand their vibe, and find those juicy topics no one’s surfaced yet. 

That’s your Wonka-sized golden ticket.

If you’re interviewing Sir Richard Branson, you might want to explore the subject of trust and loneliness…

Tech: Get it right

Decent audio isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s essential. 

Invest in a decent mic, and for the love of podcasting, make sure your setup doesn’t sound like you’re recording from a cave.

People do care, and they notice.

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Mastering the art of interviewing

It’s go-time. 

And this section might well be the most important of all my podcast guest tips that I can offer you.

Before we start on this, it’s worth remembering…

This isn’t just a Q&A session; it’s about creating a memorable experience.

Beyond the ordinary

Forget those same old, same old questions. 

Get your elbows dirty. Be brave!

Your goal is to reveal a side of your guest that’s as yet unseen. 

That’s what your listeners are here for.

The art of conversation

Keep it to the point and keep it flowing. 

Encourage your guest to open up and be thoughtful, but steer the ship. 

Don’t let them go off on too deep a tangent because you’ll just be editing it later.

It’s a tango, and you’re leading this dance. 

Don’t tread on their feet!

Listen like a pro

Active listening is your secret weapon. 

It shows you’re engaged and lets you pivot the conversation to those ‘wow’ moments.

You won’t find them if you’re too hooked into your next scripted question.

When to jump in

Knowing when to interject is an art. 

Do it right, and you’ll keep things on track without stepping on toes.

Even if there’s a seemingly uncomfortable silence growing, maintain your position of curiosity.

Want to hear a perfect example of this? Check out this clip of Howard Stern interviewing Ben Affleck about his movie.

The conversation steers towards his relationship with his father, and Howard leaves him ALL the space.

Fun is the name of the game

If you’re not having fun, neither are your listeners. 

Even during those heavier conversations, ensure your vibe is high, and be generous with the guest but ultimately serving the listener. 

Post-interview: The encore

Your work’s not done when the mics are off. 

The afterparty is just as important.

Here’s what that looks like.

A tip of the hat

A simple ‘thank you’ to your guest goes a long way. 

It’s about building relationships, not just recording episodes.

Spread the word

Get that episode out there! 

Share it on your socials, shout about it in your newsletter. 

Write some copy for your guest to make it easier for them to do the same. 

The more buzz, the better.

Keep that sexy conversation going

Jump into it with your listeners post-episode both on the platforms that allow comments, and your social media. 

Engage in those comments, answer queries, and be part of the conversation. 

It’s all about building that community.

And that’s a wrap!

Hosting a podcast interview is more than just a chat; it’s about creating an experience that sticks with your listeners. 

With these tips, you’re all set to give every interview the best chance of success. 

Remember, it’s about preparation, engagement, and keeping the energy high. 

Now, go on and create some cracking conversations!

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