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Podknows offers a few packages for those wanting to learn how to produce a professional sounding podcast that gets results!

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Podcast Audit (one-off session)

Full analysis of your existing podcast's sound, discoverability and long-term strategy (ideal for smaller business owners)

£120single payment
Critical listening
Written report
One-to-one video/phone call

Podcast Launch Training - Removing All The Stress!

About to launch a podcast and want to handle it 'in house', and just need help with 'getting it out there'? This is for you.

£500single payment
Planning the month long launch process
Adding your show to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts
Creating buzz
Marketing tips

Professional branded podcast consultancy

Professional branded podcast consultancy - ideal for brands who want help with their 'in-house' podcast

£750per month
Presenter team training
Analytics and data crunching
Weekly one to one accountability session
Monthly site visit and one to one coaching with host team

Who can benefit from this podcast coaching?

Podknows Podcasting podcast coaching is customised to each customer’s individual needs.

Whether you’re:

An independent small business owner who wants your own podcast to succeed.

Part of a team of content creators within a busy organisation who have been tasked with managing your company’s new branded podcast….

Podknows Podcasting can help you with highly-focused professional podcast coaching that will help you get the results you’re hoping for.

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Results You Can Expect

Want to create an effective and professional podcast marketing campaign that you can shape and adapt as your needs change and your confidence grows?

Using my three decades of experience planning and delivering audio content, you’ll learn how to quickly become known as a thought-leader within your space.

There are a lot of popular misconceptions about podcast marketing.

Most could be generating way better results.

Make sure you stand out from your competitors and learn how to work with your dream customers, who can’t wait to buy from you!


What most people with ideas for a podcast fail to realise is, the importance of planning.

Coming up with an idea for a podcast is easy.

Recording a podcast is even easier.

The difficult part of creating a successful podcast that will offer you a return on your investment (ROI)  is figuring out how to ensure people will want to actually listen to it.

Anyone can start a podcast at any time.

There’s such a low barrier to entry when it comes to starting a podcast, it’s little wonder that so many people have a podcast factored into their overall marketing strategy for the coming year.

Most of these end up being rushed, amateurish sounding messes that ultimately podfade due to boredom and lack of instant gratification due to limited numbers of listeners.

Most of the marketing messages centred around launching a podcast appear to be focused on the excitement of the new podcast idea.

However, with nearly three million podcasts already out there, and thousands of new shows being released every day, there’s no such thing as a totally new podcast idea.

So how do you win the battle for podcast attention?

You have to know what you’re doing, and plan a podcast strategy. 

You also have to make sure that what your new listeners are hearing actually sounds good!

This is where Podknows Podcasting can seriously help you.

Solving your podcast discovery problem…

Do you have a plan for how people are going to find your podcast to listen to it in the first place?

If not, you need one.

It should be one of the first things you consider before you even begin hitting the record button for your podcast.

As you will see from the below graph created using data from the Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2021, there’s a very obvious correlation between getting audience to your podcast, and knowing how to make it easy for listeners to find you.

The good news is, with some podcast coaching from Podknows, you’ll know how to seriously tap into that sixty percent of new podcast listeners who are just stumbling across content through search.

Infographic showing podcast discovery survey data

Get a head start, and make sure YOUR podcast is found before your competition’s!

As a podcast producer, host and creator for more than twenty years I know how to make podcast content that people want to listen to.
As someone who has been paid to manage podcasts on behalf of brands for more than a decade, I know how to help these people find your podcast in the first place.
What are you waiting for? 
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Packages outlined below.

(The ‘small business launch’ package is included at no extra charge in both Podknows Podcasting Network plans.) 

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