Why does podcast agency pricing differ so much between companies?

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Are you confused, trying to get your head around the massive differences between podcast agency pricing options? Relax. Your friendly neighbourhood Podmaster Neal Veglio is here to offer a bit of clarity so you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s figure out why you’re being given the quote you’ve been given, shall we?

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Ok, so what factors actually lead to advertised podcast agency prices? Why are there such huge differences in cost between the various packages offered from podcast marketing agencies?

Here’s a look at what swings that price pendulum:

Project complexity and results timeline

The bigger the mountain, the higher the climb!

Simply put, the speed and size of the desired results of your project decides a large chunk of the cost. 

It’s a bit like ordering a pizza.

The more toppings you want, the more you pay.

Of course, most of the agencies listed below don’t really factor into this, for reasons that will become clearer, later.

An Expert’s Time is Money

As in any industry, expertise comes at a price.

Seasoned podcast marketing experts naturally charge more than the newbies that have been in the space for five minutes.

Remember, you’re paying for the wisdom they’ve gained from years of experimenting and refining to get to the results you’re wanting.


Assets take time to create 

The number of deliverables you ask for affects your cost.

You want more social media posts, blog articles, email marketing campaigns taken care of for you?

Well, that’s great! And honestly, it’s the quickest way to ensure your success. But, if you want things looking ‘pretty’ and ‘on brand’, these need to be created by experts.

And experts charge more for their time.


Results cost more 

In all honesty, anyone can learn to edit some audio in a DAW software app, and then publish it to an RSS feed.

If you want your content to actually get results, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper. That’s just how it works.

Any agency that includes listener targeting in their low monthly price is probably using black-hat bot downloads and calling it a day. Be wary of any podcast agency that excitedly email you about your podcast getting to number 37 in the Entrepreneurship ‘chart’.

It’s highly likely they’ve paid for it via a Fiverr click farm agent.


Great, so what’s the likely cost?

Generally, brace yourself to part with anything between £1,000 to £5,000 per month for podcast marketing services.

Now, I know that’s a wide range, but it’s like choosing between new cars at a showroom – the final cost will depend on your specific needs and taste.

So let’s get specific shall we?


A picture of a podcast agency laptop

What our podcast agency competitors will charge you for podcast marketing

Well, now that we’ve explained the factors affecting cost, let’s get into the juicy details.

What is everyone charging for their services?

Now at this stage I’m going to assume you’ve already explored our pricing if you’re a smaller business that has to worry about budgets etc.

Otherwise, why would you be reading this? Surely if you felt we were the right fit for you, you’d have booked a call with me by now?


So I’m assuming you’ve dismissed yours truly, Podknows Podcasting, as the solution you’re looking for.

If you haven’t, well stick around til the end and I’ll remind you where we sit in all of this pricing chaos. But in the meantime, let’s look at what you’re left with:

No prices available online

Let’s get this batch out of the way immediately, because they offer no obvious pricing.

Wonder what they’re hiding?

Lower Street

The Podcast Guys

Podcast Labs

Move Digital

London Podcast Studios


The Podcast Agency


Listening Dog Media

Mags Creative

We Do Stories

Sweet Fish Media

Story Ninety Four

Phonic Media

Everyone else

<£1000 per month

The Podcast Boutique

This agency is headed up by Lynsay Ann Gould, a staunch advocate for more female voices in podcasting. The cost of the company’s most basic package is £780 per month once you factor in the VAT.

Having met Lynsay in person at The Podcast Show in London, I can tell you she’s a very nice lady, and does a lot of good stuff when it comes to helping entrepreneurs transition into podcasting. Her niche is in ‘private podcasting’ which is very suited to the corporate world, particularly HR, which she has a wealth of experience in. 

Podcast Engineers

At £965 per month ($1195) they’re a good option for budget-conscious podcasters and brands looking to just have content created.

And if that’s all you’re looking for, I’d say that’s a decent deal.

This service does lean into my worry that many will be tempted with the pricing and will overlook the fundamentals of strategy, which this seems to lack. And believe me, strategy plays a big part in a podcast’s success or failure.

£1000-2000 per month

Between Tracks

I’m LinkedIn buds with this company’s founder, Chris Hall-Franzkowiak, who gets the prize for the second-most difficult name to pronounce in podcast marketing, narrowly beaten by my own.

On initial glance, it seems like the way Chris prices his packages is lumped into a chunk of eight episodes, so he’s forcing a commitment upfront, but given how so many quit early on, that could be a good thing. 

*Update* Since this article was first published, Chris has mentioned that this is the initial launch package which is valued at £2500. Once that’s completed, clients go onto a monthly retainer for £640. So technically this company could feature above in the <£1000 per month section, yet seeing as you don’t get this pricing until completion of the initial package, it should probably remain here.

He’s advertising that your podcast’s website is included in that price which on the face of it is a great value deal. However, for full transparency it’s worth clarifying that the website is the standard landing page you get with your hosting provider. He explained to me that he can help with tidying that up and making it function like a legit website.

Weedit Podcasts

Paying £1603 ($2,100) at time of publishing (although prices change almost monthly it seems!) you’ll get a bunch of audio content and some video clips.

They’ll also publish for you.

Again, they’re priced competitively if you don’t want to guarantee results and listeners.


We’re now entering an area of the market where I find myself asking some serious questions. One one hand, it’s great that they’re making their pricing transparent. But transparency in pricing is one thing. I’d like some transparency in the results they’re offering for such basic service.

Soup Studios are expecting you to part with £2,800 per month for just the content.

Sorry, but I can’t stop myself on this…

If you’ve got that kind of budget to invest in your podcast marketing, come work with us using our top package and we’ll use the remaining cash difference to throw in hundreds of guaranteed ideal target listeners per month.

£5000 – £8000

Volubility Podcasting

Wow. Yet another podcast agency with pricing that’s causing me to break out in a stress rash.

Are we seriously undercharging at Podknows Podcasting or something?

They’re asking $1,650 per episode ($6,600-$8,000 p/m) plus a $1,000 one-time setup fee.

And, I don’t know how to tell you this… I’m trying to remain as unbiased as I can, really I am…

They charge an extra $200 for each time you’re not happy with the edit they’ve carried out for you.

Let me just run that by you again.

They’re going to charge you $200 for each time they fail to deliver the quality you want.

To quote Elon, let that sink in.

Important caveat

Look, it is important to note that these prices we’ve compared here are for the most basic packages. And I’ve done it this way to keep it as fair as possible, and to allow for comparison with our own pricing.

Our top tier package doesn’t even have anyone matching it, because most of the industry’s players aren’t even educated on the next-level marketing strategies and practices we have in place for our clients.

Perhaps I’ll post another article comparing these kinds of next level services across the agencies and share their applicable prices.

Podknows Podcasting - the 'Goldilocks' of Podcast Marketing

Now, where does Podknows Podcasting sit on this seesaw of prices?

Well, I’m delighted (and somewhat surprised, honestly!) that we’re right in the Goldilocks zone. We’re not too expensive, nor too cheap to remain sustainable as a business.

We’re just right at £2500 for our basic starter package named “Podcasting Pro”.

Again, in full transparency, I’d strongly advise against taking our basic package. While it is a great option for smaller businesses who want a resource to send to customers and potential customers, the results are limited. Certainly your reach will only be as good as effective as your own marketing skill allows.

Worth mentioning that our far more effective “Podcasting Success” plan is £3,500 per month. Besides everything you’d expect like transcripts, show notes, publication and even a website and some social media, it includes:

Guaranteed ideal listeners

Where our competitors stop at publishing your content, not only do we take care of the marketing for you, we also guarantee ideal listeners.

This means there’s no ‘spray and pray’ marketing involved.

We use a combination of methods to ensure accurate targeting of your content at exactly the kind of listener you’d want, that will ultimately buy from you.

How long that sale actually takes is up to you and your sales process. but we certainly ensure they’re engaged enough to be a warm lead.

Expert podcast analytics and measurement

We track your podcast’s performance and give you regular detailed reports.

You can see how our marketing efforts are making your audience sit up and listen.

Strategy and planning

We’re like your personal fitness trainer, developing a custom marketing strategy for your podcast tailored to your specific goals.

Think we're the best option for you, after all?

It’s possible.

We’d need to know more about you, and what you’re looking to achieve.

But, we believe our pricing is fair and competitive. 

And we’re offering a variety of services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

So, if you’re seeking a podcast marketing agency that can help you get real results, not just more content you’ve got to find room for on your website, we’re ready to help. 

Get in touch for a free consultation. 

I promise, I don’t bite!

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