“Ultimately, when you wanna leave a legacy, you’ve got to look at three main aspects…”

Brad Sugars, Making Conversations Count (November 2021)

(Hear what they are at 14 minutes into the episode) 

Why 'Making Conversations Count'?

A Burton-on-Trent-based telemarketing trainer is celebrating a full year of talking to business leaders and ‘making the conversations count’.

Wendy Harris of WAG Associates had the idea for starting a podcast, but she knew it had to sound different to all the other telemarketing trainer themed podcasts.

With a basic vision for what she wanted to achieve, she secured the help of a professional podcast agency (Podknows Podcasting) to help turn the vision into sound!

Now, one year later, she’s been awarded a prestigious Lloyds Bank national business award, and she’s won the opportunity to be mentored by new Dragon Steven Bartlett

If you’ve never heard one of the sixty-plus ‘conversations that count’ that Wendy Harris has already shared on her podcast, this is a great one to start with.

The concept of this podcast, “Making Conversations Count” is simple – sharing honest, real-life stories with business leaders.


As a telemarketing trainer Wendy knows how important conversation is to any successful business.

The hope of she has for listeners is that by listening, they’ll understand that for themselves. 

Over the course of the past year, Wendy’s guests have shared their knowledge and secrets for success on a weekly basis.

Some of the topics covered have included marketing, networking, sales training, mindset, investment, content creation, publishing and even feminism.

Guests have included Dr Ivan Misner (considered to be the father of modern business networking through his work with BNi), Linkedin marketing legend Dan Knowlton and paralympian David Smith MBE.

What will listening mean for me and my business?

Honestly, only you will know the answer to that!

Wendy’s hope is that by listening, you’ll get an understanding of how important conversation is for business success.

Every deal made in history has always followed a good conversation.

Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to invest in your own company’s future with some telemarketing training?

As a highly experienced telemarketer and trainer, Wendy knows exactly what she’s doing, as you can see for yourself by clicking here.

So what's special about this episode then?

You mean aside from it coinciding with the week it’s been chosen as the world’s number 2 telemarketing podcast by this website?

Well, Wendy is someone who is all about offering the best possible solutions to any issue a business might have.

She not only decided to use her skills as the ‘conversations Queen’ (as her social media followers have nicknamed her!) to start a podcast, she wanted to make sure it sounded the best it could possibly sound.

That’s why she decided to work with the UK’s most experienced podcast company, Podknows Podcasting.

Knowing that the one year anniversary of this podcast was coming up, she put her money where her mouth is.

She had exactly the right conversations she needed to have to pull it out the bag and secure the best possible guest for such a momentous episode of a business success-themed podcast.

Who better, than the world’s number one business expert and coach, Brad Sugars? 

Making Conversations About Taking Action Count!

In this special episode of the “Making Conversations Count” podcast, Wendy is truly demonstrating her skill as a telemarketing trainer!

Her whole thing is teaching people how to use engaging and inquisitive conversations to solve problems.

She uses that to great effect with Brad Sugars!

During this conversation that counts, Brad offers more valuable business insight than you’ll get in most books.

Common business mistakes

It’s quite common knowledge that business owners often make business mistakes.

Sometimes they’re very obvious and other times they’re easy-to-miss business mistakes.

One such business mistake that’s probably the most detrimental one you can make, is not making creating goals and not having a vision or a path in mind to reaching them.  

In this case, there really IS a secret formula!

In this knowledge-packed episode, the world’s No.1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars talks Wendy Harris‘ ‘conversations fans’ through the process of reaching those business goals using formulas.

Formulas are where Brad excels, and he uses them in every aspect of his life, including when it comes to his most important duty – being a family man.

Talking of his formulas, you can benefit from them, for yourself!

For the same cost of every streaming service you can choose to stop being distracted by nonsense, and enjoy Brad’s successful training programmes:

30X Business

30X Life

30X Wealth

To get wealth, you've got to get used to giving it away!

Brad’s success as the world’s most trusted and knowledgeable business coach has enabled him to launch a foundation for young people, in which all the learning is FREE.

Throughout his career, Brad Sugars has always strived to always do better and his worldwide network of coaches offer ‘Coaching for A Cause‘.

Wealth isn't just financial!

Throw into the mix conversations around preserving your mental health so that you can better serve your clients and customers and the truth about what retirement should be, and you’ll agree that this is the most powerful conversation we’ve had yet! And given the previous 50+ episodes, that’s really saying something.

Wealth isn’t just about the bank account. The mind also needs regular healthy deposits.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to listen, Brad offers some incredible advice about how people should be using social media, and how you can consume a book worth of knowledge in just one day.

We also learn just how many telemarketing calls Wendy has made during her career as a leading telemarketing trainer, and why this show loves Romania and Dominica!

Talking of wealth, Wendy’s now sharing it.

The wealth of knowledge that is!

You can get yourself sorted with one of the seats in Wendy’s next powerful Blueprint sessions.

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