What actually is the ego and how can you tackle it with mindset coaching though, really?

Rob Begg is an expert on helping clients identify their ego, and use that to tackle self-limiting beliefs.
In this episode of Making Conversations Count, he talks to Wendy all about that skill of working with ego.

A very misunderstood word that, you know!


Perceived to be all about bragging and flexing muscles, wealth, or fame. 

In truth, it’s actually more about our self-acceptance and willingness to take on challenges that take us outside of our comfort zones.

It’s one of our biggest challenges as business owners to ensure that we have the belief within us that we can achieve whatever it is that we set out to achieve.

Mindset coaching and non-duality

Listen out for Rob’s wonderfully witty remarks about why mindset coaching takes a little more than reading a few self-help books!

The mindset coaching that Rob does is all about getting people who are busy running their own business to understand the mindset principles which are common to us all. 

People are often familiar with mindset principles but they don’t know what’s going on in their own minds, or even how to change things. 

As with all of Wendy’s conversations, there’s a deep dive on a particular aspect of the guest’s expertise. 

The super tasty knowledge nugget (Oooh! “Alliteration Bingo” buzzer right here, please!) offered in this particular episode with Rob Begg is all about non-duality.

But what IS non-duality?

Think of it like this: You are you. I am me. We are separate. 

However, when you go within, there is no separation between you and ‘The One’.

Ooh, a well-timed Matrix reference!

Non-duality shows us that there is no separation whatsoever between anything in the world including ourselves and others.

Here in this excerpt of the episode he explains what ‘non-duality’ actually is.

Wendy Harris: "I have to say that non-duality, you mentioned that to me in our first conversation.  Now, I've been knocking around the sales world for a very long time, and I'd never head the term before, so where does it come from, what are its roots?"
Rob Begg: "Yeah, well it's got nothing to do with sales, which would be why you've not heard of it in that context; it's all to do with understanding the truth about who we really are, and about how we can have whatever it is we want in our lives.
So, in the context of selling, our results are a function of what's going on in our minds, consciously or unconsciously.  People are not earning what they're earning or selling what they're selling because that's what they want to earn or how much they want to sell, they're earning that because that's fundamentally what they're programmed or believe they're capable of selling.  Or fundamentally what they believe about the marketplace and about how much they can sell relative to the people they sell to and all the rest of it, and that's all founded on a flawed premise.
So, when you take people back to the truth about who they really are and how their minds work, you start to open them up to possibilities about what they really can be, do or have, because we're only limited by our imagination."

I think that a lot of business gurus, therapists and influencers refer to this as ‘getting in our own way’.

That’s probably because they’ve read it in one of those self-help books!

Rob Begg's process with clients

Rob helps his clients understand how mindset works and he helps them make their mindset work for them. 

This usually means helping them make changes in their own lives and consequently creating positive experiences around them, for others too!

All at the same time, the mindset principles work to build your core mindset beliefs.

Wendy Harris: "Rob, I know that you help business owners with growth and mindset.  You were talking to me about beliefs as being a big one.  Is there one belief that you see that is a habitual problem in today's society?"

Rob Begg: "I'm very wary of going off down what could be a long, dark, deep rabbit hole on this one.  I don't know much about your audience, Wendy, and who listens to this and so on, and this may bump into quite a number of your listeners' beliefs, which is okay.
Our beliefs create our reality.  What we call our physical world, our world, however much money we have in the bank, our life as a whole, is an expression of our beliefs; and the problem is that a lot of the personal development industry is focussed on supporting you to change your beliefs to change your life, and that makes perfect sense.  If our lives are an expression of our beliefs, then change the belief to change your life.
But the problem is, it's too hard or that's most people's experience, or you go digging for beliefs and you end up with thousands upon thousands of them; it's a long, slow process.  Whereas, if we go up a layer, if we go up to understanding that beliefs are held within a perspective that's held within consciousness, which is who we really are, and we change at the level of consciousness, then the beliefs look after themselves."


That’s why mindset has been described by business owners as one of their most important business tools.

Starting with mindset, changes ripple out into every other area of your life, and since mindset is how we filter our experiences, changing mindset will change all our experiences. 

And, for the better!

Readers who are interested in that topic are encouraged to listen to the full conversation to learn more.

Find out in this episode of Making Conversations Count why your mindset is so important and also WHY successful conversations only come when you’ve got a strong mindset in place

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