Leading with love makes leadership easier

Leading with love makes leadership easier cover

Listen to this episode of “Everyday Leadership” right now to hear Aggie Mutuma talking all about leading with love.

Who is Aggie Mutuma?

Aggie is the CEO and lead consulting director of Mahogany Inclusion Partners

Aggie is a passionate Inclusion and Anti-Racism expert, Executive Coach and engaging speaker who excels at partnering organisations to build cultures where everyone can thrive.

Her recent accolades include being voted a top 20 Most influential HR thinker in 2022 by fellow people professionals.

What is “Mahogany Inclusion Partners“?

Essentially, they’re about helping organisations to get, and stay, inclusive.

“We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in life.

We are actively passionate about playing our part to get the world closer to this place; one organisation at a time.”

The story behind why leading with love and light are so important to Aggie

Aggie believes we are all made of a mix of ‘stuff’ as she calls it.

Sometimes the stuff is nastiness yet hidden beneath it can be love.

In this episode of the Everyday Leadership podcast, Aggie explains to us what her own upbringing taught her about humans and kindness.

She explains how she applies that learning to find it in others.

Helping them in their own endeavours to start leading with love and light.

And where it’s already present, to nurture it.

Key leadership learning moments

01m25s – Aggie’s origin story – playground unkindness

04m27s – Leading with love

14m33s – Titles blind us – what does a title create?

21m48s – Balancing work success with parenting success

29m41s – ‘Sitting with yourself’…

33m08s – Celebrating yourself as much as you cheerlead others

44m18s – How does Aggie Mutuma define leadership?

Useful links

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