"Let's take a look in your mirror..."

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That’s what I say to each and every guest who agrees to feature on “In Your Mirror“.

This podcast from the quickly growing Podknows Podcasting network has already featured insightful and highly inspiring stories.

In one episode, we heard about the 90s popstar who had her career ‘ended’ by Princess Diana.

In another, we heard about the young man who decided he wasn’t going to live the same life as his cash-strapped father.

Absolute Radio presenter Sarah Champion told us all about the terrible treatment she got from one of her first radio bosses.

She also talked about the awful trolling she endures from listeners and the challenges of being a woman in the media.

More recently, the newest chaser on the ITV show talked us through his challenges with social media exposure having become famous overnight.

The point of the show is to expose you to people who have overcome their demons, and gone on to achieve great things.

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Have you looked in your mirror?

Are you now aware of your own ‘mirror moment’?

Have a listen, to get inspired.

Once you’ve figured it out, leave a comment either here, or on this post, letting us know what your mirror moment is.