How to promote your podcast in 2024

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Need advice on how to promote your podcast? Well sure, great content’s a start, and frankly, you’re not gonna get far without it. But that’s just it – it’s only the beginning. To scream louder than the noise, you’ve got to master how to promote your podcast and attract those listeners.

Let’s learn how:

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Who’s Your Crowd?

First off, if you’re thinking about how to promote your podcast, you’ve got to suss out who you’re pontificating to in the first place. It ain’t just about throwing stuff out there, but knowing who’s likely to want to play catch.

What do they love? What gets ’em engaged?

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Episode titles that are just sexier

Sex up your titles! Ditch “Episode 17 – Richard Brookes”. You can pop your episode numbers on your podcast’s website if you want. When it comes to in app, you need the title to be intriguing and enticing. Go for something that gives your ideal listener more of an idea of what they’re going to get from listening.

Remember, even if they’re following your show on Apple Podcasts, they’re still facing a huge choice of new episodes in their library every day. You need them to choose yours!

And this is why PPO (podcast player optimisation) is fundamentally important!

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Make Google your bessie mate

SEO is your best mate. Do a bit of keyword snooping, slot those into your titles and descriptions, and keep that podcast website all shiny and mobile-friendly.

Better still, hire an SEO expert.

I can recommend mine. Owner Kate Smoothy is shit hot with websites as you’ll see from her LinkedIn, and I’m sure she’s probably blushing while reading this.

Socialise, but don’t be a self-promoting bore

It’s all about the banter. Find your crowd, share a few laughs, post some snippets, and chat away.

But resist the urge to post and run about your show’s latest episode.

If you’re going to ask them to listen, give them something up front first.

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Collab with other podcasters

Swapping guest spots with other podcasters is one way to do it when thinking of ways to get new attention for your podcast. Guest on theirs, have them on yours. It’s like a podcast party! But don’t buy into the hype that this will massively grow your audience.

There are podcasting influencers who are running agencies that specialise in this tactic, and they overhype how effective it is. Like with social media, it’s at the 2% end of Pareto.

Look after your loyal lot

Focusing on how to promote your podcast to more new peeps? Well, us lot at Podknows Podcasting can help with this, with our exclusive listener targeting service. More on this soon, or book in a chat about it now if you can’t wait.

This service is exclusive to Podknows Podcasting in the UK

But, don’t forget the ones you’ve already got.

Keep ’em in the loop, have a chat, and get them sharing.

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Emails and website: oldies but goodies

Do you have a strategy for building that podcast email list and community? Honestly, lists are still worth their weight in gold. You can share insights, leverage your community to build revenue and ensure your podcast episodes are being promoted in front of potential listeners with high intent.

And you definitely want to have a bespoke podcast website landing page to send them to.

Not only does this carry extra SEO benefits, but it’s just so much tidier and keeps your offers clear.

Give them a good reason to listen when you’re promoting via email though.

Simply saying, “new episode out now” probably won’t cut it, even if they’ve chosen to be on your list.

Spend a few quid on ads

If you’ve got some spare change and you’re pondering how else you can get people knowing about your podcast, throw it into some ads. Facebook ads and Google Ads are usually a decent shout for awareness but won’t necessarily convert to actual listens. That’s what my podcast growth service (which DOES guarantee IAB certified listens) that’s linked above is for!

Whatever you choose to do with paid traffic, make sure it’s where your folks hang out.

No point spending cash on platforms your audience isn’t vibing with.

Of course, this is largely guesswork sometimes, but a bit of common sense can go a long way. No point doing all your marketing for your geriatric podcast on Tik Tok!

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Whack out some merch

Reckon your podcast has a catchphrase or iconic theme? Slap it on a T-shirt, mug, sticker or any other kind of merchandise for that matter. It’s not just about the dosh; it’s free promo when someone’s strolling around with it. And consider giving it away, too!
This is something the Kill Tony podcast does brilliantly. They hand out merchandise to anyone attending their live tapings. Oooh talking about live events….

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Live Shows & Events

How about bringing your podcast to life? Organise live recordings, events, or Q&As.
It’s a cracking way to meet your fans, and they’ll likely drag along a mate or two. Offer discounted entry to anyone that’s on your mailing list and you can knock off item 7, too!

Some bonus ideas

Promo video clips – largely a box-ticking exercise, but worth adding to your workflow

Podcast Directories & Playlists – make sure you’re in all of them!

Listener shoutouts – loyal listeners love hearing themselves being mentioned

Use quality artwork – first impressions matter

Work smarter not harder when it comes to how you promote your podcast

In the end, promoting ain’t just about shouting the loudest. It’s about being savvy, on the ball, and a smidge crafty. Try stuff, adjust when you need to, and soon you’ll be the podcasting legend you dream of.

Now, go out and spread the word about your show – and if you fancy some more tips on how to promote your podcast, give me a shout via the booking link.

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