Learn how to get more podcast listeners with a Podknows podcast audit

One of the most common searches is “how to get more podcast listeners”.

One of the most common responses is “post on social media”.

But this is not the whole truth.

Learn the success secrets that some of the biggest and most successful podcasts in the world have applied.

Join with legions of satisfied podcasters who have worked with me on growing their podcasts, and learned how to get more podcast listeners!

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Grow your show

Do you want to know how to get more podcast listeners? Podknows will use two decades of industry expertise to help you identify your areas for improvement and create a plan for execution

Maximise ROI

By developing a strategy for audience growth you will maximise your chances of a return on your investment

Are you frustrated with producing regular podcast content and feeling like nobody is listening?

Does it feel like your efforts are being wasted and that you’d be better off focusing your time somewhere else?

It’s not the platform that’s the problem! 

Maybe your content needs improving.

This is where a Podknows podcast audit comes in.

Together we can identify your areas of opportunity for growth and help you get more podcast listeners.

Get discovered

Learn how to get found more easily by the platforms that have the most listeners

Sound better

Learn how to improve your podcasts's quality even on the tightest budget

Engage longer

get insight on how to engage your listener, and keep them, more quickly