Now is the BEST time for a hardware upgrade. Here’s why!

Now is the BEST time for a hardware upgrade. Here’s why! cover
Time to get a hardware upgrade! This is a poster for an episode of the Techcess podcast which explains why!

Have you planned your next major IT purchases yet?

In the latest episode of the Techcess technology podcast, Mark from m3 Networks explains why now is the perfect time to pop together a hardware upgrade plan!

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An opportunity to get a bargain hardware upgrade in your business – but you've got to be quick!

It's not every day the government pressures you to treat yourself to a new toy for the office.

So the fact they're asking you to do so now, and even offering to pay you to execute a hardware upgrade (kinda!) is a good reason for you to take notice!

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Thanks to a tax office initiative, you'll be able to invest in your IT and perform a major hardware upgrade, and you'll actually get paid for it!

But you haven't got much time…

How to claim your hardware upgrade and get 'cashback'

In this episode, Mark from m3 Networks will explain how super deduction works.

In a nutshell, it's a way of leveraging capital gains tax relief on any hardware upgrade you preform for your office as part of your operations.

Here's the link Mark suggested you to read during the episode:


Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"So if you want a hardware upgrade in the next few months, we recommend that you act quickly on this.

Supplies of hardware upgrade components are still disrupted through the pandemic.

So it's still difficult to get hold of certain types of hardware or specifications of certain types of hardware upgrade.

You really should think ahead about what new hardware your business could need in the next few years.

For example, if you're a business that has Cyber Essentials, that will put you out of spec with the Cyber Essentials standard because you'll be using an operating system that's no longer receiving software updates or security updates from the manufacturer.

So hardware upgrade of the server is quite a significant investment. You probably remember back to five, six, maybe even seven years ago when you last replaced your server.

It's quite a significant cost. So this is something that you can probably bring ahead a little bit and get ahead of all the other businesses that are going to be scrambling to buy servers come October next year."

Tech Topics covered in this episode:

  • What super-deduction is and how you can leverage it
  • Good reasons why you might want a hardware upgrade now!
  • How replacing your old machinery is about more than just efficiency!
  • The advice we would offer you here at m3 Networks
  • What to do if you want more specific help with upgrading your office equipment!

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IT support provider and technology expert Mark Riddell who explains why you need a hardware upgrade now!

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