Grown-up business systems: create a smooth client onboarding process and good business systems!

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Weenie ADHD entrepreneurs often leave cash on the table, putting their clients in uncomfortable situations. Time to fix this with grown-up business systems!

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Your business systems need to be working for you!

If you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by trying to set up business systems that don't seem to be working, leading to loss of potential revenue, then you’re not alone!

In a recent Weeniecast episode, I, Katie McManus, delve into the significance of establishing clear, client onboarding systems for businesses.

As someone who’s gone through the initial struggles of setting up efficient business systems in my own venture, I understand the challenges new entrepreneurs face. Particularly if you’re an individual with ADHD.

In a recent podcast episode, I share my experiences with disorganized payment methods like Venmo.

I talk about the problem with manual scheduling.

I also explain how these taught me the value of having a professional approach.

A streamlined payment system paves the way for a stress-free client experience.

It also ensures you receive your due payment without any hiccups.

I encourage fellow entrepreneurs to choose a simple booking system that emphasizes user-friendliness.

By doing so, you'll foster a more professional working relationship with your clients.

You’ll also safeguard your revenue from potential pitfalls.

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Creating a Good Client Experience

A key component of good business systems is providing a positive client experience.

This includes not only the services provided but also the ease with which clients can access and pay for these services.

A streamlined payment process contributes to a more enjoyable client experience and increases the likelihood of repeat business or referrals.

By prioritizing professional business systems, businesses can retain clients and promote positive word of mouth, bolstering their reputation and growth.

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The common problem? Desperation!

Look, we’ve all been there and I get it.

When starting a business, entrepreneurs often focus on getting clients and accommodating them, leading to disorganized payment systems.

This not only hinders business growth but also confuses clients and can result in lost revenue.

Inefficient payment systems lead to frustration for both business owners and clients.

It also diminishes any sense of professionalism and trust.

It’s a prevalent issue, especially for those new to entrepreneurship.

With multiple clients paying through different methods, it creates difficulty in managing finances and keeping track of due payments.

I’d always urge you to reassess your payment systems and ensure they follow a streamlined approach to avoid any complications or misunderstandings.

How to set up effective business systems

  • Audit your current payment systems and identify areas of improvement to streamline and simplify the process.
  • Research and choose a single payment platform that can automate payments and invoicing for your clients.
  • Communicate the new payment system to your existing clients and explain the benefits of the change to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Establish a clear and consistent onboarding process for new clients, including signing agreements and setting up payment methods.
  • Regularly review your payment systems and make adjustments as needed to maintain efficiency and professionalism.
  • Consider investing in a client management system to help keep track of contracts, invoices, and other important documents.
  • Prioritize client experience while also maintaining strong boundaries and clear communication around payment expectations.
  • Continuously seek feedback from clients on the payment process and make improvements as needed.
  • Implement a policy for handling late or missed payments in a professional and consistent manner.
  • Consult with a business strategist or coach to help identify and address any weak points in your payment and onboarding systems. Here’s my no-obligation booking form.

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