Podcasters of all levels of experience have a new support system available to them.

Follow, Review and Share” is a podcast that’s all about podcasting!

Having listened to other podcasting industry podcasts, Podknows Podcasting founder Neal Veglio identified that there was a gap in the market for a podcast that puts the listener first.

Having decided to create a podcast that addresses this need, Neal approached fellow podcast producer Pete Allen of Carrotcruncher Media.

Once they’d agreed on the idea for the podcast, Neal approached Libsyn to provide content support and sponsorship.

Having worked with Libsyn for more than a decade, Neal knew that they were the only hosting company he wanted to work with on the podcast, and thanks to their commercial team, the dream has been realised.

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Follow, Review and Share is one of only two podcasts using official Libsyn data!!

One of the biggest benefits of this new podcast being officially supported by Libsyn is the access it will be getting to Libsyn’s official podcast stats and data.

This is significant as it offers “Follow, Review and Share” the opportunity to accurately reflect the state of podcasting in the wider space.

There’s a lot of misinformation in podcasting communities, and this podcast aims to help listeners and podcasters cut through that, and learn the truth.

The podcast is being dubbed a ‘UK version of “The Feed” podcast’ which is the hosting company’s own regular show.

The ethos is the same.

Each episode, Neal and Pete will endeavour to educate podcasters of all levels on how to get more from their podcasting experience, as well how to provide a better experience for their listeners.


“Follow, Review and Share” will be a fortnightly collaborative podcast featuring creative input from Neal Veglio and Pete Allen.

The podcast is sponsored by Libsyn  one of the world’s largest and most trusted podcasting hosting companies. 

Neal Veglio is the founder of Podknows Podcasting and can be contacted at neal@podknows.co.uk

Pete Allen is the genius behind Carrotcruncher Media and can be contacted at studio@carrotcruncher.com