I'll explain what you need to do to get it listed as an Editor's pick!

Getting featured in Spotify and having your podcast chosen as an Editor’s pick would be a huge win for your podcast.

Spotify is quickly becoming one of the top podcast listening apps of choice with listeners both new and more experienced. 

It’s still got a way to go before catching up with Apple Podcasts, but there are still millions of people across the UK and the world who choose to listen to their favourites with the Spotify app.

Not only will it expose your content to more users on the platform, it also lends quite a huge amount of credibility.

When new people stumble upon your podcast, it’s more likely to entice them to listening to yours, rather than one of the podcasts that is similar but hasn’t been featured.

So how to I get my podcast featured on Spotify?

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In order to get your podcast featured on Spotify, you’re going to need to ensure it’s worthy of being featured.

I’ll include the link here, and you can submit at any time, but I urge you to consider the criteria before you do. 

It will make all the difference between you being shortlisted for a feature slot, and being rejected outright.

Here's the link you need to click to submit your podcast to be featured in Spotify

**Update – Spotify have temporarily removed this submission form from their platform. We don’t know when they’ll bring it back but we’ll leave this here in case they do.**

The three things you need to ensure before you submit your podcast!

For your podcast to be featured in Spotify you’re going to have to have three things nailed down in your podcast.

1> A clear purpose and vision which is outlined in not only your podcast’s description, but is also apparent throughout the podcast itself.

2> Decent quality audio. This means NOT recorded on your laptop’s built in microphone with Zoom glitches breaking up your sentences.

3> A clearly defined ‘win’ or valuable action your listener can take away from the suggested episode.

Remember, nobody cares about your podcast as much as you.


Podcast not meeting those criteria?

You need a podcast audit!