Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want your customers to trust you enough to buy from you? Well, then you need a podcast. 

There’s a science to why podcasting helps with this.

Firstly, you’re building an ongoing relationship with your ideal client by showing up in their podcast app, and their social media feed, offering problem-solving content.

And you’re doing it week after week.

This is something a blog can’t do, as they’ll need to know that your content exists before deciding to consume it.

A podcast helps tackle that ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’ marketing challenge.

I’d be happy to explain it all more in depth during a free call!


There are actually only a few hundred thousand podcasts still active.

This  means that your content has a very good chance of being heard as long as you know what you’re doing.

Ignore the claims of there being “too many podcasts” or that we’ve “hit peak podcast”. 

These are headlines written by clickbait loving publications that do not actually fully understand what podcasting is, or how it works.

For every podcast episode that’s out there, there are around 500 similarly themed blogs.

Yet millions of people still write new blog posts every single day!

If you’d like to know more about how Podknows Podcasting helps clients have their podcast content found more easily, feel free to book a call with me.


You’ve probably heard a number of answers to this question, and I’m going to tell you this in black and white.

Any ‘podcast expert’ who gives you a duration of time as an answer has absolutely no clue what they’re talking about, and should be simply ignored.

There is no set time that is known to be any more beneficial for growing audience than another.

And the success of a podcast has absolutely nothing to do with its duration.

There are terrible podcast episodes of just ten minutes long, just like there are brilliant podcast episodes of longer than an hour.

And never let the duration of your recording dictate the content.

If your content needs to run for more than an hour, don’t cut it short! 


Yes, sorry to break it to you, but you’ll need an external microphone, minimum.

Please do not use your laptop’s built in microphone.

And certainly don’t use your webcam’s microphone either.

You’d honestly be better off recording in to your mobile phone. But please don’t do that, either!

A USB dynamic microphone would be the best affordable option.

They’re very affordable, and you can get this one for a very reasonable price. (This is an affiliate link although I never recommend products I haven’t used myself!)

You’ll also need a way to record your voice/voices, and then a way of getting the audio out to the world. 

You can do this with either Adobe Audition (recommended)  

Podknows Podcasting specialises in helping with this, taking care of your podcast editing, podcast hosting and publication needs.

Podknows can even help get you some listeners.

There are several better ways of recording your podcast than using Zoom.

Podknows Podcasting uses Zencastr which works in a similar way, but offers far better quality.

It records the audio and video locally on your computer, and then uploads the content to the cloud upon completion. 

Zoom compresses your content in real-time to make it easier to upload, and that impacts on the quality.

There are other tools such as Riverside and Squadcast that do largely the same things. 

It’s well worth testing all of them before you commit to purchasing and using them, just so you can figure out which is best for you.

How much you pay will depend on the type of results you want.

This will determine the level of offer you’ll want to opt for.

I can’t provide a simple answer to this, because I’d need to know more about your specific circumstances and goals, but here are a couple of ball-park ideas for you.

If you just wanted some edited audio that you can publish for yourself, and then handle your own publishing and marketing on social media etc, then you can do it as cheaply as £200 per month using the services of someone on Fiverr. 

If you want a little more bang for your buck, and to take a step closer to having a successful podcast which delivers a great return on your investment, you might want to consider investing £750 per month with Podknows.

Spending that £750 will not only deliver better results, but will also save you more of your time. 

Of course, if you wanted better results (and more quickly), you’ll be wanting to invest in the Lead-generation’ package on this page.

This is where Podknows Podcasting’s true value comes in to play.

If you decide to work with Podknows, all you’ll need to worry about it recording your voice for your episodes, which you can probably do within a few hours per month. 

You’ll get as much out of your podcast as you put in.

If you go it alone, you can expect to need to put aside around three to six hours per episode, minimum.


Absolutely. I wouldn’t be helping people to do it if I didn’t think I could offer them a return on their investment.

What that looks like to you is dependent on your own goals and desired results of course.

This is something we’d need to work on figuring out, together.


To be honest, most of them do largely the same thing.

Podknows Podcasting has a media partnership with Libsyn, as they’re the most established and reliable hosting company having been around since the start of podcasting.

When you use Podknows for hosting and managing your podcast, it’s on the Libsyn framework, and clients love the stability and reliability!

You would also be in safe hands if you worked with Captivate, Buzzsprout or Blubrry.

Podknows absolutely does NOT recommend anyone use Anchor for hosting a branded podcast.

Here is just one of many examples for why not.

Having your RSS feed hosted is only a minute fraction of the overall picture when it comes to publishing your podcast.

You can even get your podcast hosted for free (although I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it) if you use Anchor (just don’t!) or another media host like Red Circle and even Buzzsprout’s free tier.

There’s more to podcast success than just uploading audio to your hosting account.

You need to know how to optimise your podcast content for search on both apps and Google.

This is where Podknows Podcasting comes in.

An all-in ‘Brand Awareness‘ plan is way more value for money than handling your own hosting, sorting out an editor, buying music, and publishing content with little idea of what you’re doing.

And that’s not to mention the benefit of the dynamic marketing messaging I can give you access to that you won’t have with your own Libsyn account.

All of my Podknows Network services come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If within thirty days of working with me you don’t feel I’ve done everything I can to help you make your podcast a success, I’ll offer you your money back.

To launch and run a successful podcast takes time and planning.

This is not a marketing tool for time poor businesses. 

If you don’t have the people available within your team, or you’re not prepared to invest in using the support services of a professional supplier like Podknows, then you should probably take time to figure out whether a podcast is right for you and your wider marketing plan.

The results are definitely there for the taking, but you won’t ever enjoy them if you don’t take the necessary steps.

Because Podknows Podcasting is not just another podcast editing company.

We’re not all that interested in working with people who only see us as an editing service.

We want you to succeed which is why we make a point of getting involved in as much of your podcast as you’ll allow us to.

That way, we can have more input in the management and growth of your podcast, and help you enjoy the results far more quickly than you would if you were going it alone and just hiring an editor to chop up your recordings.

Podknows’ results speak for themselves. Check out the video on the ‘About page‘ if you haven’t already.

Let’s be clear. There are a lot of podcast experts out there who make bold claims.

Some make outlandish promises about being able to launch your podcast straight into the ‘charts’.

(Please read this if you’d like to know why I found it difficult to type that sentence without ‘gagging’)

The truth is most podcast ‘experts’ and agencies who promise success are doing so based on ‘black-hat’ methods that won’t actually deliver you any real life results.

They’ll make it look like you are getting results by sharing where in the ‘charts’ your podcast is, and then bragging about it on their own social media.

But as you will know when you read that article I linked to, those are not real results, and your brand will not benefit.

What you’re investing in with Podknows is a wealth of knowledge and experience for what’s needed in order to get the job done, and the time and care it takes to be able to deliver that.

All that said, if you feel the other podcast person is a better fit, and they meet your budget, I say go for it!

After all, probably better to do it on the cheap than never start, right?

Spoiler alert – the answer is no. 

But you do you.