Everyday Leadership joins forces with UK’s most experienced podcaster to share leadership insights

Everyday Leadership joins forces with UK’s most experienced podcaster to share leadership insights cover
Everyday Leadership podcast

What’s the big news about Everyday Leadership podcast?

The Everyday Leadership podcast is stepping up in its mission to reach more current leaders.

It wants to help them shape the look and feel of tomorrow’s executive landscape.

It’s joining forces with Podknows Podcasting.

The aim is to use the company’s expertise in podcast marketing, and outsource more of its growth strategy.

What is Everyday Leadership?

“Everyday Leadership” from Mindset Shift founder Sope Agbelusi demonstrates to listeners that leadership is not about titles or roles.

It features powerful conversations every Tuesday.

Host Sope Agbelusi shares his thoughts from the perspective of being an executive leadership coach.

An example previous episode of “Everyday Leadership”

What’s new with the podcast?

We’re delighted to announce “Everyday Leadership” has joined the Podknows Podcasting network.

It’s clearly doing a great job in teaching leadership skills, because it helped guide me, as the founder of Podknows Podcasting.

A banner of Everyday Leadership's host Sope Agbelusi's leadership training

For the past year, I’ve been serving the podcast as a consultant and editor.

I’ve been using my skills to elevate the podcast's sound and narrative structure.

Having listened to more than 50 inspirational speakers' wisdom, I myself stepped into leadership.

I used these inspirational stories of leadership to encourage Sope himself to trust in me and lean into my skills as an expert podcast marketing consultant.

I managed to assure him of my abilities to help him steer Everyday Leadership to the next stage in the journey of the podcast.

What does this mean for the future of the podcast?

Everyday Leadership moving over to Podknows Podcasting means we can now elevate the podcast’s marketing output.

We’re able to get the podcast further reach using Podknows’ expertise.

The content can now become more targeted, and offer much more deliberate embedded messaging, using the Podknows dynamic creative technology.

In addition to improving the structure and sound we've also worked together on ramping up the artwork.

And, the podcast has a visually striking new website to accompany it.

So what’s next for the podcast?

The podcast is now going to thrive within its purpose.

It will be utilising an improved marketing strategy to help new listeners discover it.

More people will now benefit from its leadership teaching and inspiration.

We’re hoping to spread the word about these insightful conversations further and wider.

You're currently reading an example of that effort.

Both Sope and I hope you will follow the podcast via your favourite app (we like Apple Podcasts – link below) and that you'll share it with others.

Particularly if you feel they’d benefit from the inspiration and direction leading them better everyday leadership skills.

For more information on Everyday Leadership…

Contact Mindsetshift founder and Everyday Leadership podcast host Sope Agbelusi on hello@mindsetshift.co.uk

Contact Podknows Podcasting founder Neal Veglio on neal@podknows.co.uk

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