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“Are you being yourself?”

That’s the question you need to face, if you want to lead.

That’s certainly according to the formidable Lori and Louise Powell, two of the three founding ladies at LVL London.

The three sisters from Derbyshire each pursued their own career paths to leadership in the luxury industry of retail and fashion.

And they finally found success in working together.

Who are the LVL London ladies?

After going her own way for high school and college, Louise found herself in London, working her way up to a key leadership role in Harrods.

Photographer: Dmitry Vechorko | Source: Unsplash

Then, Lori soon followed her sister and joined her at the luxury retail giant.

And after working in various high-end fashion houses, the sisters decided to team up and start their own luxury retail consultancy, LVL London.

The company provides training and leadership development programs for luxury retail brands.

"A lot of times, even when I was in the corporate world, we'd get people reaching out about opportunities, but they didn't necessarily know how to build personal connections or relationships……We know how to connect with people based on what's interesting to them, not just, what's interesting to us…"

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Everyday Leadership in the luxury industry

In this episode, Lori and Louise share with Sope just how important good leadership is to them as individuals, as well as in their roles.

They share stories of hirings, firings, and mentorings.

And all within the focus of applying good leadership to ensure smooth and empathic results.

There's also a lot of discussion around faith, and why that's so incredibly important to Louise.

And if you're someone who does business on a scooter… well this episode might just offer you a bit of much needed validation.

Listen in to episode 100 of Everyday Leadership hear some incredible insights and leadership lessons from the luxury retail world with LVL London.

Brands and people mentioned in this episode



Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen's The Row

Victoria Beckham

House of Fraser

French Connection

Miss Sixty

How to contact Lori and Louise from LVL London

Follow them on Instagram

Lori Powell on LinkedIn

Louise Powell on LinkedIn

Key leadership learning moments in the episode

01m35s – Childhood

07m10s – The move to London

10m10s – Their insatiable drive – Sope wonders if they ever held back

13m45s – Second guessing decisions to 'go it alone'

18m20s – Major goals they both had

20m40s – Showing that you care as a leader

23m45s – Their personal strengths as a leader

27m20s – Making the hardest decisions as a leader

31m40s – Sope pondering on the impact a leader can have on a wider number of people

36m50s – The dynamic of three sisters working in leadership together

38m52s – Humility and PR – and how they're handling that balance

41m55s – Their favourite personal brands

45m20s – What was a professional woman previously and what is one now? (Sope references LVMH)

49m10s – Faith in business and its importance

51m24s – How do Lori and Louise define leadership

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