Empathetic leadership through learning to love and ignore entitlement

Rani Puranik talks us through empathetic leadership
A photo of empathetic leadership expert Rani Puranik

” … you’re the daughter of the owner of this company. You don’t even have to work. What is your problem? I said, oh my goodness, look at how the world is. The world is already putting these notions on me that I’m supposed to be entitled. I’m supposed to piggyback off of somebody else’s credit even though he’s my dad. But what about me? What about the sense that I have earned a position or earned a level of earning or just to be proud of what skills and talents I may be given..”

Who is Rani Puranik and what can she tell us about empathetic leadership?

A selfless, caring and hard-working woman who inspires others with her dedication to making the world better one step at a time through empathetic leadership.

Revati Puranik – or Rani as she’s known in India – is an absolute entrepreneur success story.

Yet she also knows how important it can be for underprivileged kids to have access to education too, so they don’t fall behind their peers.

It can be challenging when society sees them only coming from disadvantaged homes due lack of resources, and has nothing to do with talent!

Rani shares her honest thoughts on empathetic leadership as someone who turned her back on entitlement

As you will hear from the conversation, Rani didn’t have to do any of the things she’s done in her life and career.

She was set.

But her determination to turn her back on entitlement makes her such a strong powerful force in the world.

And it’s little wonder she’s so admired and respected.

Rani’s book “7 Letters To My Daughters” is literally a book of lessons around love, leadership and legacy.

You can buy the book Here

In this episode, you’ll get a real taster of the book’s contents as Rani talks all about her experience moving between Houston and India.

She shares some impactful wisdom around culture, why Winnie The Pooh is a ‘Zen master’ and even some advice on how to demonstrate empathetic leadership.

Prefer to watch?

Key leadership learning moments with Rani Puranik

01m17s – Rani’s story

11m09s – Younger Rani between the US and India

18m10s – Rani’s return to the US and her reinvention

24m29s – Rani’s biggest test – letting go

28m31s – How Rani manages to stay focused on her journey

34m16s – The challenges Rani’s had to navigate around people and cultures

45m06s – Overcoming challenges over not leaning into entitlement

52m56s – How Rani defines leadership

Useful links and shout outs in the episode with Rani Puranik

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