Depression and Progression – why the conversation matters!

Depression and Progression - why the conversation matters! cover

In this episode of Making Conversations Count, I talk to Kevin Palmieri about his work with Next Level University, a self-improvement platform that he co-founded with his friend Alan. And we take a deep dive into the topic of depression and progression.

Kevin shares with me his journey to becoming hyperconscious and how he and Alan reconnected after a falling out in high school.

He also talks about leaving his miserable job, partnering with Alan, and starting the Hyperconscious Podcast.

After 450 episodes, they rebranded to Next Level University.

The name came about when they realised they both used the term "next level" to describe things they admired.

The conversation touches on lots of different topics, including self-improvement, depression, and finding one's purpose.

So, it’s safe to say, it’s my kinda conversation!

In this article about the episode, I’ll break down some of the key takeaways from the conversation and discuss the importance of making conversations about depression and progression count.

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Table of contents of this episode about depression and progression

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Depression and why we need to talk about it!

Kevin's Story

The Importance of Finding Your Purpose

What you'll learn from this episode

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Depression and why we need to talk about it!

Depression affects millions of people worldwide, and the numbers are only increasing.

It's a serious mental health issue that can lead to a range of physical and emotional problems, including anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Despite its prevalence, depression is often stigmatized and misunderstood.

Loads of people who struggle with depression feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. And that’s where this podcast comes in to its own.

Making Conversations about depression and progression Count

When we talk about depression openly and honestly, we help to reduce the stigma and make it easier for people to seek help.

Depression is a treatable condition, and early intervention can make a significant difference in recovery.

I’m grateful to Kevin for having the courage to speak openly about where he was before his journey into hyperconscious.

I quit my job at one point because I was miserable at my job. I was making a lot of money. But it literally got to the point where I was debating suicide because I was so miserable. I was so out of alignment. I felt so stuck. I felt so trapped. I was depressed. I was anxious. I was insecure. When I left my job, I already had this podcast going. Alan and I partnered up. That's when we said, look, we both want to have a positive impact. We both believe so deeply in self improvement. We are both podcasters. Let's just do this together.

Want to learn more about how to make your own conversations count and keep up with the podcast’s key ‘how to’s?

Kevin's Story

Kevin's story is an excellent example of the power of self-awareness and self-improvement.

He realised that he was living unconsciously, going through the motions of life without questioning why he was making certain decisions.

And this lack of self-awareness led to depression and anxiety, and he reached a point where he was contemplating suicide.

However, Kevin was able to turn his life around by becoming hyperconscious.

But what does hyperconscious actually mean?

Hyperconsciousness is a term used in psychology to describe a heightened state of awareness or consciousness.
It is characterised by an intense focus on one's own mental processes, including thoughts, emotions, and sensations, as well as a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-reflection.

Hyperconsciousness is often associated with certain psychological states such as meditation, mindfulness, and introspection.

In Kevin’s case, he started using it to ask himself why he was doing the things he was doing and became more intentional with his actions.

He quit his job, started a podcast, and partnered with Alan to create Next Level University.

From the transcript

Something we were saying at the time, Wendy, was ‘next level’. That pizza is next level. That movie was next level. That was a next level workout. All right, cool. What's that? Eventually, we want to have an online campus where you can go to a building for wealth, you can go to a building for health, you can go to a building for love, podcast, whatever business. That's a university. It's an online university. I said, what about next level university? And when we said that, it was like, boom, that's it. That's what we're going all in on. I messaged Evan, and I said, we're planting our flag with that. That's it. We're not having a discussion. That's the new name. And I think that was, like, 450 episodes in. So that was 800 episodes ago, almost.

The Importance of Finding Your Purpose

Another key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of finding your purpose.

Kevin's journey to becoming hyperconscious allowed him to discover his passion for helping others.

He realised that his purpose was to make a positive impact on the world, and he has been able to do that through Next Level University.

Finding your purpose can be a transformative experience.

It gives your life direction and meaning and allows you to pursue your passions with a sense of purpose.

It's essential to take the time to reflect on your values, interests, and strengths to discover your purpose.

We set it up (next level university) because we want to help people, and I know a lot of people say that, but I don't want to do seven episodes a week. I'm excited to because I love podcasting, but it's a lot it's not easy. It's a challenge to do seven episodes a week and the amount of other things we're doing, I get to the end of the week every week and it's like, oh, my goodness, I don't know if I can do that again next week. But it's not about the money that comes with it. Of course I enjoy money and the security and the certainty that money brings, but I did this for free for the first two years. If I was doing this for money, I would have switched and gone to something else. So we really, really want to have a giant impact on the world and that's why I try to lead by example. And that the other thing, is I am forced to get better every day. That is a non negotiable. If I do not get better, I do not accomplish the mission. So for me it's like Wendy, I don't know if there'll ever be a day where I only work 5 hours. I don't know, I mean Saturday and Sunday.

What you'll learn from this episode – Making Conversations about depression and progression Count

You'll learn…

  • My future plans for this very podcast
  • How Kevin's podcast came about
  • The journey from depression to progression
  • Kevin’s conversation that counted

Kevin’s Links

Kevin Palmieri Instagram

Kevin's LinkedIn (although he isn't into LinkedIn!)

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Wendy’s takeaway from the conversation

Making Conversations about depression and progression Count isn’t just a cool thing to do to stay on brand. It’s actually essential for the wider mission of humaning.

When we talk openly and honestly about our struggles, we reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and make it easier for people to seek help.

Kevin's story is a powerful example of the transformative power of self-awareness and finding your purpose.

By becoming hyperconscious, he was able to turn his life around and make a positive impact on the world.

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