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Are you obsessed about your brand?

Do you want people who stumble across you online to be left with a solid impression?

Would you like to feel confident that any time you share your content it’s connecting with the right people and leaving them with the desired emotions?

Do you want potential listeners to consider you a serious proposition for doing business with you, and ultimately become your loyal and most valued customers?

If you’ve answered these questions above with a “yes”, then we’ve just established how I can help if you talk to me about getting yourself started.. 

We don’t use bot downloads and listeners.

Ok let’s get this one out of the way straight away! Podknows isn’t a podcasting agency promising “to launch your podcast straight into the podcast charts”.

In fact that makes me bloody angry because those people are admitting they buy fake listens and subscribes on Fiverr on behalf of their clients.

I run Podknows to be very different from other professional podcasting services.

Most of these businesses ‘do’ podcasting, and that’s the product they sell.

For Podknows, the podcast is the vehicle you’ll use on your journey towards bigger success.

Whatever that success looks like to you, you’ll have me guiding you towards it.

And I’m deadly serious about getting you there.

Because there are core values in place (scroll to read them below), potential Podknows-supplied podcasters are invited to an initial introductory meeting (online or in person as preferred) so that I can learn more about your goals.

If those goals align with the way that Podknows Podcasting works, then it’s a great thing, and beautiful things can happen.

If they don’t, then I’ll happily suggest an alternative supplier that you might be happier working with.

At the end of the day, my vision is to help you create the best possible podcast for your brand and vision.

Exclusively yours


Look, I’ll just say it. Podnows doesn’t work with everyone.

There’s a reputation to maintain, and I’m only prepared to stake that reputation on those I truly know we can help.

But if I feel that there’s a fit I can definitely help you benefit from #thepodknowsdifference.

And believe me, you will benefit!

If it all works out, this means Podknows is able to focus more attention on you and your goals.

Podknows will be your loudest branding and marketing cheerleader.

Podknows is here to make you sound good through podcasting, or any other type of branding that uses audio at its central core.

Check out these real, verifiable five star reviews taken directly from Google.

  • Neal was a huge help when setting up a brand new podcast, as I had no prior knowledge or experience he went through all of the steps to start setting up, planning and building a podcast with us. When I needed assistance along the way, Neal was always willing to help with any query and was very responsive. He even set up an additional Zoom call to make sure I understood the process, which was greatly appreciated. He also helped check and provide feedback once the show was up and running, providing useful tips & tricks we had overlooked. I would definitely recommend Neal to help with the production of your podcast.

    Meghan Downs Avatar Meghan Downs
  • Neal really knows his stuff. His dynamic and friendly approach is most refreshing. He is happy to give advice and it’s always very useful, Whether just starting out in podcasting or a seasoned professional, Neal can always deliver additional value.

    Marce Colucci Avatar Marce Colucci
  • Fond Neal very knowledgeable, generous with his time mixed with enthusiastic attitude in wanting to work with you and get you results. Will also be honest and happy to share his vast experience.

    Graham Townsley Avatar Graham Townsley
  • Ticks every single box in my, “A joy to deal with,” checklist. More than that, Neal has received the very rare “Oomph!’ Award from my brand, “Becoming Heroes,” because he goes the extra mile. Not many British business owners to that.

    Neil McKee Avatar Neil McKee
  • Neal is an incredibly accomplished and professional Podcast Coach with a talent I haven’t seen the likes of in the world of podcasting. He helped me plan, launch and market my travel podcast which achieved results I would never have seen without his help. If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, I highly recommend speaking to Neal at Podknows Productions first.

    Marie Rowe Avatar Marie Rowe

Podknows Podcasting client testimonial - Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris, host of the Podknows Podcasting network podcast “Making Conversations Count” had lovely things to say about how she felt Podknows was helping her reach her brand’s marketing goals.

After just one short year, Wendy’s enjoyed a tremendous amount of success.

Some highlights:

🎙 She’s been a finalist for a prestigious podcasting award

🎙 She’s met Steven Bartlett (and benefited from his mentoring)

🎙 Her podcast’s been recognised in the top 5 best telemarketing podcasts

🎙 She’s had a feature on her business in The Sun newspaper

🎙 Her podcast is regularly in the top 50% of all podcasts, globally

🎙 “Making Conversations Count” is consistently making it into the top 100 of the Apple Podcasts ‘Marketing’ chart in countries all around the world, including UK, US, Romania and Netherlands.

Podknows Podcasting client testimonial - Amy Rowlinson

You know you’re doing something right when a fellow podcasting coach asks for your professional advice on their own podcasting efforts!

I had the pleasure of working with Amy Rowlinson after being a guest on her podcast “Focus On Why”. 

After the conversation, Amy was so impressed with my knowledge and insight that she booked one of my in depth podcast audits.

This meant I spent hours analysing her podcast’s surface visibility, and her audio content’s potential for converting casual listeners into fans.


Free insight via this podcast. YAY!
Click on the image to learn more.

Podknows Podcasting is all about purpose.

Purposeful people.

With purposeful businesses.

Making purposeful podcasts.

All, for the purpose of improving the world in whatever positive and purposeful way we can.

So how does Podknows Podcasting help people and brands like you?

Podknows Podcasting is a growing small business.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have standards.

Podknows Podcasting is very fussy about the clients we work with.

If you want to work with us, you’ll need to be clear on a few things:

Do you want results or vanity metrics?

Do you take direction?

Are you willing to invest in your future success both financially and in terms of your time commitment?

A photograph of podcast coaching expert Neal Veglio

Music production

The music you’ll hear on any Podknows Podcasting produced podcast is custom made.

We don’t use downloaded songs from those podcast music sites.

Why not?

Well, mostly because every other podcast has done exactly that. And we don’t want you to sound like every other podcast.

Your podcast is going to be a stunning and unique creation that only you could create.

And it’s going to have exactly the kind of kick arse music on it that a podcast of that description deserves!

All music is created internally at Podknows Podcasting.

This means we can make like Snap (90s dance act if you’re too young to remember) and work with you to get your ideas for what sort of sound you want your music to have.

This service is included as standard for all network podcasts.


The first podcaster?

A lot of people cite Adam Curry as ‘the podfather’ – the first person to ever podcast.

These people are basing this on the fact that he was the first person to post audio to the internet inside an RSS feed.

However, if you’re going from a wider metric (as many do, including YouTube and even social media posts) then I was actually the first person to really experiment with posting audio online for people to download. Just sayin’!

In August of 2000, I began the mission of creating an mp3 version of my radio show which was uploaded to the website of pioneering digital radio station Stormlive, owned and operated by former Radio 1 legend Bruno Brookes.

Eventually it crashed the website.

I was hosting the afternoon show and had listeners in the US as well as across Europe.

This was the start of a deep and serious love affair with podcasting.

In 2001, my fascination with what would later become known as podcasting, began.


Click to read some of the most commonly asked questions that would-be podcasters put to me when I’m chatting with them during initial consults!


Podcasting purposefully

Strategising results firstly

Delivering proudly

Marketing ethically

Learning continuously

Cheerleading clients endlessly

Supplying consciously

Offering valuably

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Our services

Transform your business through podcasting

Work with the world's FIRST EVER professional podcaster.
Podknows is THE podcasting company for businesses and entrepreneurs and the only one offering a full thirty day money-back guarantee!
Transform your marketing by adding professional podcasting to your strategy, today!


To have the best of chance of success with your podcast, you need to first figure out everything there is to know about what it is, why you’re doing it, and the results you want to achieve. You don’t want to launch any kind of podcast without a clear strategy in place, and having been involved in launching more podcasts than anyone else, Podknows is best placed to help you.


This often-overlooked aspect of podcasting is arguably THE most important one, second only to the content itself. Get this wrong, and you’re already ditching half your listeners. Podknows uses two decades of podcast creation experience to edit your content to a superior level, that will help you beat the competition.


Everyone’s different, so every coaching programme is different.
Whether you want to learn everything quickly and to an advanced level, or you just want to learn the basics and grow organically, all sessions are tailored to your exact requirements.
Podknows Podcasting can work with individuals or teams, remotely or on site.


If you already have a podcast up and running, but you want to make it sound better, Podknows offers custom audio branding, including music beds, show idents and even voice overs for your intro and outro.
It’s hard to explain the difference between a well branded show, so I’d instead advise you to listen to one of our many network shows to hear the difference between them, and the podcasts you’re regularly listening to!
Book a call to learn more and hear a before and after demo of a branding execution that's been carried out on podcast.


If you already have a podcast but you’ve listened back and you know it could sound better, Podknows offers an episode repair service. This can include anything from removing awkward silences of stammers, bad Zoom glitches, excessive room noise and hiss, and volume levelling to make sure everything is more pleasant to listen to

Full branded podcast

Want a podcast for your brand, but don’t want to get involved in hosting it or producing it? Are you a busy corporate executive who prefers to pay others to get it done? Or are you perhaps a time-poor small-business owner? Talk to Podknows. Using a team of professionals, you’re just one conversation away from having your own professionally branded and presented podcast that’s connecting your business with your ideal collaborators and customers. Using almost thirty years of presentation experience, we’ll make sure you have audio content you can be proud of.

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