Do you play the business rules game?

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Businesses will always fail if they don’t follow the eight unbreakable rules!

Do you play the business rules game when you’re running your operations? Wendy Harris has chatted with a lot of business leaders on this podcast, but few of them have talked about the rules in business that govern success!

Thankfully, Sean Castrina is here to talk us through them!

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In this episode, Wendy is joined by Sean Castrina.

Sean is an author and fellow podcaster who talks about the business rules game, and how to play it!

If you’re in business whether as an entrepreneur or someone acting on behalf of someone else, and you want to learn the rules of the business game, you’re going to want to check it out!

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Here’s what’s in this episode about the business rules game!

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Listen to this episode about the business rules game!

Who is Sean Castrina?

Sean Castrina is a serial entrepreneur, who’s started more than 20 companies over the last 20 years, and is always looking for more stuff to keep him busy!

He is the author of 4 bestselling business books including 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success, The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World, Developing The Entrepreneur Within and World’s Greatest Business Plan.

He also hosts The 10 Minute Entrepreneur Podcast.

Sean Castrina - expert at the business rules game

Business is about solving a problem!

Sean Castrina starts us off as he means to go on – by simplifying the whole world of business success for us. In fact, he tells us how easy it all is in this quote;

“It's really simple.

I mean, all you have to do is have something that somebody wants, needs, solves a problem or entertains them. There's your four biggest areas. The business, you know, if it's something somebody needs toilet paper, paper towels, gasoline, okay, you're winning.

That's a good thing.”

The business rules game – it’s all about the Rolex and the Lexus?

“If it's something somebody wants, that's the next level. That's a rolex. Watch that's, a Lexus. I desire that. Sandals vacation, Walt Disney World, something like that.

It's the next level.

So then you have a wand, then you have it solves a problem. That can be pharmaceuticals. That could be anything that just helps you sleep better. Black pain.

You can go all the way down the line. Just solves a problem allows you to do something that you struggle with or you haven't been able to do. And that can be service companies from repairing your car to cleaning the gutters. So you have that solves a problem.”

You’d probably be forgiven for feeling like that’s something of an over-simplification, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t you think Sean has a point?

Another of the business rules – not being too afraid to sell!

Let’s face it, we’re all a bit guilty of this one from time to time – being afraid to sell!

It’s just so awkward, isn’t it?

Not really.

Not if you apply the rules in the business game!

“I think too many entrepreneurs are afraid to sell.

I feel like they feel like once they start their business, they try to get themselves out of the selling part of it as fast as possible.

That's the dirty part of the business.

And I generally find that they pull themselves out way too early in the start up phase.”

Are you leading from the front? No? Consider this another business game rule breached!

You have to agree, most of the inspirational business leaders are the ones who are quite clearly out there, at the front, Captaining their squad.

They’re not hiding out the back, waiting for business to just happen!

As Sean explains, when it comes to one of the biggest considerations in the business rules game, you have to remember to stay out front at all times!

“You can train people to take your place and being in sales, but I see too many owners that kind of start hiding themselves in the back.

They're on the computer.

They're doing busy work and stuff like that, but they're not doing stuff that moves the needle anymore.

And I think that selling is what moves the needle.

That 1st £10 million.

It's sell, sell, sell.

You know, you got to create that demand, fulfill the demand. And anything that doesn't sell and or fulfill is probably a waste of your time.”

Photographer: Hunters Race | Source: Unsplash

Play the game first and enjoy the wins later!

One of the most important things to think about when you’re becoming an entrepreneur is WHY you’re doing it.

Are you in it to make money?

Or are you in it to grow?

Whichever it is will make the difference between success and failure in your business.

“We play to win the game.

If you win the game, the celebration and the awards come.

But it's liking the process of training for an athletic event and loving to compete.

You like that more. It's like, okay, you win, that's great.

That's only a short period of celebration, and then you rinse, repeat and get back on the training. So, yeah, you have to love the process of entrepreneurship.”

Wendywoo’s takeaway from the conversation about the business rules game

“Sean is an expert player in the business rules game, and he argues that entrepreneurs should not be afraid to sell and must lead from the front.

He believes that selling is what moves the needle, and creating demand and fulfilling it is essential for success.

Furthermore, Sean stresses the importance of loving the process of entrepreneurship more than celebrating wins as these wins are only short-term.”

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