Your path is already set. So study those big big hairy audacious goal examples for inspiration and take risks!

Your path is already set. So study those big big hairy audacious goal examples for inspiration and take risks! cover

“Embracing life’s detours to become your best self” – Everyday Leadership podcast

As long as you turn up and work hard, life is going to be ok!

“If your (big hairy audacious) goal doesn’t completely drown you, it’s probably not big enough and definitely like mine completely floors me in the fact that what I’m trying to do is move the market and change what the future should look like… ” – Chenelle Ansah

Chenelle Ansah who champions using big hairy audacious goal examples for inspiration

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Who is Chenelle Ansah?

As an investor and consultant, Chenelle is passionate about ensuring founders of diverse backgrounds have access to capital.

As Partner at Cornerstone Partners with a mission focused on investing in black founders from the UK, she works hard every day making sure they are leading the charge when it comes time for new Fintech opportunities or bank M&As (mergers and acquisitions) across Europe.

In addition to serving as Founder/MD of Nell Consulting where her expertise includes strategy work related specifically around financial disruption plus scaling operations within companies experiencing growth.

Photographer: Dom Hill | Source: Unsplash

From fashion and dancing to finance and investing

Before she started getting inspiration from big hairy audacious goal examples, young Chenelle started out as the family entertainment, dancing for friends and visitors on demand.

But, as is common with our guests on the “Everyday Leadership” podcast, it wasn’t long before THAT chat with a parent came up, and the focus began.

A career in finance beckoned, and as it goes, it was quite the path.

Neo banks and Chenelle’s cornering of that expertise

The emergence of neo banking was a big deal for businesses in the UK. And Chenelle was right in the thick of it.

She explains how she developed a reputation for expertise in the space, and how working with these banks helped her understand how to systemise these businesses.

Photographer: PiggyBank | Source: Unsplash

The ordered steps at the centre of Chenelle’s faith

It becomes abundantly clear in this chat that like Sope, Chenelle’s faith is at the heart of all she does.

She explains how she feels that her life is already decided and she’s just showing up and continuing along the path.

And as she explains, that belief, when you have it, enables you to study those big hairy audacious goal examples for inspiration to live a life that others can only dream of…

Key leadership learning moments

01m15s – Young Chenelle and the dancing

04m31s – The fascination with fashion

09m01s – Moving into business finance and investments

18m00s – Chenelle’s faith in her preordained path

35m00s – Bridging the gap as a life mission

37m15s – Big Audacious Goals and dealing with the overwhelm

41m50s – The journey with Cornerstone Partners

47m29s – What’s next?

48m39s – How Chenelle defines leadership

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