This episode of "Your Business Needs A Podcast" is all about choosing the best podcast microphone.

You may not realise it, but what your voice sounds like on your podcast can make a massive difference to your chances of success.

This episode is all about the best podcast microphone for your recordings.

I’ll be talking you through the different options available to you when it comes to getting your voice into your editing software.

Make sure you listen to this, to ensure you don’t make a very common mistake that most new podcasters make before they figure out what they’re doing.

Thanks to Richard Donelan for permission to use his YouTube review! See his channel here: https://youtube.com/RichardDonelan and check out his site: www.RichardDonelan.com

Full transcript of the episode below

Episode 1 – “The Voice”

Quite frankly, this is what it’s all about. You know, you can have all the creative ideas in the world – interviewing billionaire speakers and tapping them for knowledge – offering great insights – doing a bit of ‘thought leadering’…

But it’s all going to waste if you sound like crap.

So, starting with your podcast’s first order of business – getting the right tool for the job when it comes to capturing your voice. But what is that?

Well, to be honest, I can’t tell you. Yet. Unless I know your set up, and your intended work space, we might as well be farting at the screen when on Amazon, and picking whichever microphone the most guff surrounds. 

There’s one thing I CAN tell you – DON’T BUY A BLUE YETI!!

I mean, you can, but there are literally hundreds of microphones that are more suitable for your purposes.

I can help with that.

Feel free to book a free call with me to go over your options.

Before we decide on how you’re going to get your voice into your editing software, we’ll need to figure out where we’re going to be doing it. 

Will it be in your office? Will it be in your spare room? Will it god forbid be in your car while you’re driving? Yeah, don’t do that.

The answer to these questions will determine what the best option is, for you.

Everyone has different needs.

Look, I’d always advise anyone who wants to sound great, to invest in a good quality microphone. But if your idea of a good quality microphone is that weird bit of foam that juts out from your Skype headset – then I say this. WRAP YOURSELF IN GRIZZLY BEAR CEREAL AND STRAP YOURSELF TO AN ALASKAN TREE

Just kidding. But the point remains. If you’re going to use that, I’d recommend getting your phone and using that. The quality will be frankly WAY better. You can further improve the quality by buying an attachment like the iRig and plugging a dynamic mic into it.

Now, will you get awesome sound from that set up? No. Here’s proof. Here’s a clip of a chap named Richard, testing it, on YouTube.

What it will do, is give you a clearer sound than that crappy headset mic though – or your laptop microphone. Oh yeah. Seriously. There are people willing to use their laptop microphone on their podcast – for their business podcast.

What in the blazing cakes?!?!

The truth is, unless you’re in a soundproofed studio, you’ll probably be wanting a dynamic microphone – preferably an XLR one plugged into a Digital Input – which is kind of like a really cool soundcard. You can use a USB one if you like. There are options for both. Check out podcastkit.co.uk

I’d recommend the Rode Podmic plugged into a Scarlett Solo. You’ll find this package listed under Affordable on podcastkit.co.uk

Just to give you an idea of how a dynamic mic sounds when plugged into the focusrite, I’ll demonstrate using my own Shure SM58 – which is one of the most common dynamic podcaster mics from about 5 years ago. Yeah, I’m due an upgrade. Hint hint, if you’re listening, RODE MICS!!!


If you have a nicely treated room, with some acoustic control, then please go yonder with my full permission to purchase a Condenser microphone. You have options. NONE OF WHICH SHOULD BE INCLUDING A BLUE YETI MICROPHONE.

The condenser microphone will give you a better sound on your voice, but make sure it’s only your voice that it can hear. Otherwise you’ll be crying over all the absolute bleugh it’s picking up. Like your room’s natural sound. And the cat a mile away. And your neighbours bickering.

They pick up EVERYTHING!!

Have a listen to my Rode NT1A condenser microphone.



So there you go guys – microphones. Yep, don’t use your phone. AND DEFINITELY DON’T USE A BLUE YETI!!!