Who is Fred Joyal and what does he know about boldness?

Fred Joyal is an expert in boldness and helps his clients towards ‘PRIDE’ by teaching them how to be bold and live with confidence.

Personally, it reminds me of that childish vitality we used to have when we’d carry out dares, but Fred teaches us that we can actually use being bold to achieve our dreams and live with purpose!

Fred joined Wendy Harris on the Making Conversations Count podcast to explain how he teaches his students about being bold.

Oh and there’s a name drop for Richard Branson.

You’ll find out why if you listen or read the episode 😉

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“Nobody gets a compliment and goes, oh, you’re completely wrong, and I am hideous or stupid. I’m insulted by the fact that you suggested that I’m attractive.”

Fred Joyal, Making Conversations Count – (May 2022)

So what does being bold look like?
Here's a sneak peek at the episode!

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