How’s your sense of etiquette?

Kristi Spencer is on a mission to make life easier, smoother and more pleasant for everyone by educating us all on etiquette and manners.

She founded The Polite Company with one goal in mind: helping people present the best version of themselves through education about social skills and self-esteem building as well as teaching empathy towards others at work or home; increasing confidence when it comes down doing basic manners.

Quote about etiquette and manners

Like, how you greet someone even if they’re just signing up online course.

Let’s face it, politeness can be simply showing good etiquette.

But you can also win over people and build positive relationships by being polite which shows respect towards other individuals.

So how relevant are etiquette and manners in 2022?

Have a listen to the episode to find out!

Making Conversations Count episode 96 – Kristi Spencer, expert in etiquette and manner