What in the ruddy hell are all these new numbers then, eh?

Apple Podcasts is still the number one listening app for podcasts.

This means that most potential new listeners to your podcast are probably going to be finding it in that app.

So it’s a good idea to be aware of how you can measure where their activities while they’re listening to your podcast.

That’s why I’m now going to ensure you finish reading this article feeling like the Apple Podcasts’ connect dashboard has finally been explained to you!

using Apple podcasts as a search engine

This is what you’re used to seeing as a podcast listener when it comes to Apple Podcasts.

If you’re actually creating, you have access to a ‘back end’, if you will, that allows you to see the stats.

These stats are different from the ones you’ll see in your podcast hosting company dashboard.

This is because Apple Podcasts doesn’t send comprehensive data to the hosting providers.

It only sends them download numbers.

The problem this presents to a podcaster or creator who is actually measuring KPIs is that downloads can happen automatically, if they’ve allowed that function in their settings.

In other words, if you’re seeing download numbers in your hosting company’s dashboard, that doesn’t necessarily mean any actual listening occurred.

This is where the Apple Podcasts’ connect dashboard comes in useful.

The difference in the numbers within Apple Podcasts 'Connect'

In this video I explain the numbers within the ‘Connect’ dashboard and how you can use them to get a better understanding of the behaviours of your listeners.

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