Are you an entrepreneur who has ADHD?
Welcome to your new favourite weekly podcast!

Business has been tough enough for everyone over the past few years with ongoing economic uncertainty and the small matter of a pandemic. But throw in the extra layer of ADHD entrepreneurship and all that brings into the mix…. well, navigating the challenges of that condition can be even more overwhelming. 

Thankfully, help is now available in the form of a new podcast from certified business strategist Katie McManus.


Who is Katie McManus and what on earth does she know about ADHD entrepreneurship?

Who is Katie - this host of the ADHD entrepreneurship podcast

The Philadephia-based business strategist has herself been diagnosed with ADHD and knows first-hand the challenges it can pose for business owners.

In her podcast, “Business Strategy (For Weenie ADHD-preneurs)”, she shares the same tips and strategies she’s using to help her many ADHD entrepreneur clients.

These are the tools she gives them so they can minimise the impact on their operations, mindset, sales, marketing and even their relationships.

Both personally and professionally.

Ok, but what is the 'weenie' thing all about?

The ‘weenie’ in the podcast’s title refers to the pet name she gives to ADHD entrepreneurs who are ‘stuck in the suck’, and want a bit of help working towards winning.

You can see more of this kind of sass on her LinkedIn.


The podcast is released weekly on Sundays on all apps, and is already gaining a following among ADHD entrepreneurs (diagnosed and suspected) and business owners who want to get into the right mindset to start seeing success in their business.

ADHD entrepreneurship podcast

For any business owner or enthusiastic entrepreneur with
ADHD, this podcast is a must-listen, because it’s being managed like a community.

You won’t be subjected to one-way traffic content each week.

There will be an opportunity to join in the conversations around ADHD entrepreneurship, using the voicemail option on the show’s site.

There’s also the regular group that Katie puts on each week, so that fellow weenie’s can feel part of something bigger than themselves, and benefit from that support.

With tips and actionable advice from someone who knows what she’s talking about, this podcast is sure to be a hit with anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Topics covered in the first few episodes include;

  • Dealing with ‘shiny object syndrome’ as a business owner with ADHD (the first episode)
  • Managing your time as well as your ADHD
  • ADHD and money
  • How to design ADHD entrepreneur-friendly frameworks for people to work with you

Cool! So how can I listen?

Business Strategy (For Weenie ADHD-preneurs) is available on Apple Podcasts and all other apps (yes, including YouTube) and also has its own dedicated website at weeniecast.com

Notes for editors

This podcast is available for free on all platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher, with a premium subscription version also available (coming soon), offering more in-depth content and practical exercises and training.

Katie McManus is a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation


You can learn more about Katie and what she does at her website – https://www.katiemcmanus.com/